Students are transported under the sea with theaters new show


Travis Robertson

Lauren Coe, portraying Ursula, sings the hit classic, “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” in the first act of “The Little Mermaid Jr.”

Emilie Reid, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Another fabulous senior show has come and gone from the theater department, thus sending off this year’s seniors with one last memorable performance.

After choosing this show at the end of their junior year, the class of 2018 finally took to the stage and performed “The Little Mermaid Jr.”, a magical and classic Disney story for all to enjoy.

Compared to last year’s production of “Picnic”, which featured forbidden love and a setting placed in the 50’s, this year’s performance had a common plot, and a much more familiar set of character

Filled with colorful costumes that each cast member had a part in making, some glow-in-the-dark jellyfish, merfolk, a princess, prince and a sea witch, there was definitely fun around every scene change throughout the production.

Although the storyline was a bit different from the classic tale most people know and love, the characters and songs were mostly the same. Many of the popular songs were performed, such as “Part of your World,” “Under the Sea,” and “Kiss the Girl.”

The role of Ariel was played by Olivia Hsu, and this casting decision was definitely spot on. Hsu’s singing voice was perfect and made the audience reminiscent of the the melodic voice they first encountered in the hit film.

Prince Eric was portrayed by Daniel Bargen, and his wholesome and understanding acting made it hard not to fall in love with him, just as Ariel had. His singing was phenomenal and flowed perfectly with the music, and it is clear that Bargen has a future in performing.

A role that stole the show for me, however, was that of Ursula, played by Lauren Coe. Her over the top costume, hair, and makeup was perfect and her rendition of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” was by far my favorite part of the whole performance.

Overall, the whole cast was amazing and really made it seem as though they were under the sea. With the help of Heely’s, the illusion that the mermaids and eels were swimming added even more to the atmosphere.

Sebastian, portrayed by Moises Ramos, and Flounder, played by Alivia Desmarteau (not a senior, but a very talented 12 year old), were wonderful companions to Ariel and added humor while on stage. Another memorable and hilarious character was Scuttle, played by Hanna Shaffer.

Ariel’s sisters all had beautiful and colorful costumes, and performed a fun and upbeat number titled “She’s in Love.” The sisters were a very lovely addition to the show with their music and stage presence.

With just enough humor and and even a bubble machine to add to the over all magic that was felt during the show, the theater departments production of “The Little Mermaid Jr.” was a smash hit and an incredible way to send off the seniors.

This is not the last production of the year, however, as theater will be putting on one last production before the end of the school year. The play will be based on a book by Agatha Christie, with the title of “A Murder is Announced.”

Dates have not been released yet, but due to the ongoing success of the theater department in the last few years, it will surely not be a production to miss.