The evolution of games

Chris Bonifaz, Staff Writer

DISCLAIMER: Rainbow Six Siege is rated M for Mature. You must be 17 years or older, or have the permission of a guardian to play it. The Talon does NOT encourage underage students to obtain the game without permission.

Have you ever played a game and thought, how could this get any better? Have you ever thought a game was lacking and needed more?

Over the years games have had the base content that you play originally, and then later on in its life it gets more content or an update.

Updates for every game are different based on either how popular or old the game is or how much effort the developers are willing to give the game.

Developers specifically are very big components of games and can trump any other factors of a game if they are passionate enough about it.

For example, Rainbow Six Siege is a game that will be three years old in 2018 and it still has regular updates that bring a lot to the gaming experience overall.

The last update of year 2 on Dec. 5, White Noise, was the latest update for the game bringing three new characters to the game, fixes for glitches, and a function to report someone for bad behavior.

This is a huge thing to happen for a game that is almost three years old. Games usually only last a year before interest is either completely lost or the developers don’t release any more for the game.

While two out of the three characters have been received well the sore thumb was Vigil who is known as the least useful character they have released so far.

While the updates are not perfect it is still amazing that they put in the time to create new content for the loyal fans who love the game.

While triple A games like RS6 have big teams that can work on huge updates, smaller early access games like Fortnite and Battlegrounds have smaller teams that put out as much content as they can manage.

Fortnite, specifically battle royale, has been releasing tiny chunks of content every week. Recently on Dec. 7th a whole new game mode was released and more content is still getting released every week since then.

While fully fleshed out updates are nice sometimes a simple holiday update is a nice change in aesthetic for the game itself.

Call of Duty: World War 2 had a Winter update, Dec. 8, to celebrate the holidays that come with the winter season. They added some new weapons and changed the headquarters to a kind of Christmas theme and added a snow globe that you could toss around.

Overwatch will also be coming out with a winter wonderland update on Dec.12. They had done the same thing last year around this time of year.

Overall video games have a varying amount of dedication and following that judge what the future of the game will be. From the blood, sweat, and tears the developers put into the game they love and the followers who are anticipating their favorite games next big move, updates will break or make the game’s future.