The Syrena Legacy trilogy makes a splash in the fantasy genre

Valerie Bond, Design Chief

Humor, romance, dynamic characters and mermaids come together to make a fantastic trilogy.

The young adult trilogy revolves around Emma McIntosh and the Syrena, Galen, Prince of the Triton Kingdom, in modern day New Jersey. The trilogy is by New York Best Selling author Anna Banks and consists of Of Poseidon, Of Triton and Of Neptune. Of Poseidon was published in 2012 and the concluding novel was released in 2014.

I realize how cheesy this series must seem, I honestly thought the same thing when I first started reading it.  However I am pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story of self-discovery and overcoming overwhelming odds for love.

I do want to comment about the last book. I felt that Banks could have concluded the series with the second novel, and therefore I felt sort of overwhelmed by the third addition, however I did rather enjoy the ending.

One of the many great aspects of this series is the immediate action. Banks does not waste time giving some weird back story, instead she jumps straight to one of the most pivotal moments in young Emma’s life, the death of her best friend Chloe.

When Emma witnesses the death of her friend in the jars of a bull shark while on vacation, Galen comes to her rescue. But Emma does not realize that it was the gorgeous man candy in which she tripped into on the beach.

Surprised by the way in which Emma interacts with the shark, Galen follows Emma back to her home in Jersey. Creepy, I know. Through multiple attempts Galen attempts to convince Emma of her gift: communication with aquatic life.

Finally accepting she has the Gift of Poseidon, Emma begins to train with Galen, by practicing holding her breath for extended periods of time as well as learning to swim to the depths of the ocean.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. Gift of Poseidon, what? And you mentioned Triton earlier, what is going on? Well, let me explain.

There are two under water kingdoms that were once ruled by the ancient generals Poseidon and Triton. Poseidon’s gift was the power to speak to aquatic life, just like Emma. Over time Syrenas forget the Gift of Triton, however, it is revealed what the gift is in Of Triton.

The Gifts are important because ancient law requires the third generation of each house, Triton and Poseidon, to married in order to help maintain the Gifts. Keep this in mind if you do end up reading the series.

Another great aspect about the story is the supporting characters. Due to the recent loss of her best friend and the loss of her father two years prior, Emma, is left with only her mother, Natalie. Galen, however, has two siblings, his older brother Grom, the Triton King, and his twin sister Rayna. His best friend Toraf is also the mate of Rayna. Galen also has two human friends,  his ex- mob assistant, Rachel and the marine biologist, Dr. Jerry Milligan.

Not only do these characters help to create backs stories but you also learn to love them as well as they develop along with Emma and Galen.

My entire life revolves around books, so I have read my fair share of fantasy novels. I enjoyed the Syrena Legacy trilogy so much because of its ability to actually catch me off guard which does not happen very often.

There was so many plot twists, I repeatedly had to sit the books down to contemplate the genius that is Anna Banks.

Mermaids might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and trust me I understand that. But if you enjoy books that keep you on your toes while at the same time make you laugh hysterically, this might be a good choice for you.

If you have already read this series, or have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.