Students swamp theater to see Shrek show

Denisse Moreno, Staff Writer

After nearly two years of planning, the OHS drama department performed a musical based on the Disney movie Shrek. I had the pleasure of attending the show on April 23.
The performance was outstanding and there were several twists in the plot that added to the comical factor of the play. For instance, Fiona and Shrek were both abandoned by their parents at the age of seven and Lord Farquad’s father was the one and only Grumpy from the Seven Dwarves.
One of my favorite parts was watching Mrs. Fioramonti’s niece’s outstanding performance as seven-year-old Fiona. It was nice to see our drama department collaborating with young actors and actresses.
The set included twelve moving set pieces and four backdrops that were flown in and out throughout the production. I was impressed at the number of different scenes that were portrayed.
The dragon was the one set piece that gave the actors and made a late appearance during the wedding scene. The setback was hardly noticed by the audience and I believe that it was due to the cast handling the situation smoothly.
After the play, the show turned into a sing-a-long to the infamous song I’m A Believer
Overall the production was a hit and the few complications were overshadowed by the skillful acting of the cast.