OHS golf continues its dynasty

Kaitlyn Smitten, Sports Editor


From individual performances to team execution, OHS girls golf continues to push themselves to get better and better everyday and this season is no different. 

With a state title on the line, the girls golf team is eager to finally obtain the infamous label of state champions.  

“Kind of a slow start but we are picking it up. Other than that, pretty good and trying to peak at the right time. Our state tournament is late October. The girls are definitely doing better and better and that’s what we want,” said Jeff Williams, girls golf coach. 

The team is doing their very best to improve upon themselves everyday and the most beneficial way to do that is to go into practice with specific goals. 

“One day a week we have what we call short game practice where we work on specific drills that correlate to helping us score better when we play nine holes or 18 holes,” Williams said. 

Although the team does an exceptional job staying on top of practices and drills, they need to be able to function well as a team and the best way to do that is to have a positive environment and good team chemistry. 

“When you have a personal relationship with the girls on your team you want to do better to improve their games as well,” said Kyra Allen, senior. 

One of the best parts of being on a team is being able to work not only for yourself, but for your teammates, and that is exactly what the OHS girls golf team strives to do. 

“The most important thing is to be able to let go of that first bad day and be able to come back the next day with a positive mindset and play your best. Forget the negative things that happened the first day, and know it’s a new day,” Allen said. 


After repeatedly being the district champions, the OHS boys golf team has quite a reputation to live up to, and they are doing just that this season. 

Not only does the boys golf team want to be the district champions, they want to make sure that they leave a legacy and put OHS on the map as being a championship program. 

“I want to set the stage for Sandra Day O’Connor to be one of the premier teams in division 1A golf wise. I want O’Connor to be known as one of the golf power houses in the valley,” said Uriah Cross, boys golf coach.

Not only does skill benefit a team when it comes to wins, but also the environment of the program itself.

“It’s always a great team. No matter what, we always stick together—JV and Varsity. It’s always a great team to be around and it’s very uplifting,” said Aron Lucas, senior. 

Although camaraderie is a major factor in the performance of a team, golf is an individual sport, making it so the players have to rely on themselves more than anything. 

“Golf is a lonely sport. You’re the only one out there so if swings are off by a fraction of an inch the ball can go any which way,” Cross said. 

The best way to grow your skill as a player is to practice on your own time and most importantly believe in yourself. 

“Just keep getting better. You only get as good as you want. You only get better if you put in the effort,” Lucas said.