OHS girls soccer creates community


Photo by Ruth Mioc

Kinley Clifford, senior, delivers a strong header for her team.

Ruth Mioc, Staff Writer


As the 2022-2023 season comes to a close, there is a sense of reflection and community within the OHS girl’s soccer team. 

Team chemistry is one of the most important characteristics of a functioning group. When bonds are built between players it can be reflected on the field. Though the team had their ups and downs, they ultimately ended on a good note, making it to the playoffs. 

“This season we kind of had a little rough patch in the middle of it. We started out really strong and then we started not doing so well, so we definitely had to go through that and sometimes we got on each other,” said Kinley Clifford, senior. 

Frustration arising when the team goes through a period of hardship is understandable, especially when paired with the existing physical and mental challenges that come with the sport. Thankfully, they were able to refocus and reset. 

“At the end of the day we fixed that and we just started supporting each other and being more positive,” Clifford said. 

Furthermore, melding into a unit can prove difficult. Many of the girls participate in club soccer teams that may use different coaching techniques and play calls. 

“We’re all from different clubs, so when we all come to high school, we have to learn how we each play and the strengths of our team and the weaknesses,” said Callie Garraway, sophomore. 

Establishing goals and prioritizing the group dynamic would not be possible without team captains. They set the tone throughout the season and demonstrate remarkable leadership skills. 

“I feel like going through hardships made me a better leader, made me nicer, made me care more about the people I was leading as opposed to who I was a leader,” said Rece Grant, senior.

The girls have made the active decision to uplift and keep each other motivated. They continue to achieve this by forming a strong foundation and fostering a healthy team environment. 

“It’s a team for a reason. So just going back to your teammates, encouraging one another, and being there for each other and reminding each other that we’re all in it together,“ Grant said. 

The experiences gained from being on a team can provide real life skills. This season alone rendered a myriad of valuable life lessons. 

“Character can come above talent a lot of the time,” Grant affirmed. 


The OHS JV girls soccer team has made strides this year ending the season with 10 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie.

Much like their varsity counterparts, the OHS JV girls soccer team has battled this season to make a name for themselves, growing both on the field and off. 

“[We are] always striving for excellence. I do that in the classroom, too. There’s always motivation [to do well],” said Amaya Kelly, sophomore.

Representing one’s school can be daunting, especially if it is an athlete’s first time, but having a strong support group within the team helps make that jump easier. 

“Club soccer is different from high school soccer. It’s very different playing with your classmates and people you know from school. That’s really cool and getting to represent your school is a different opportunity,” Kelly said.

Even though playing for any team in high school is excellent, there is always room for improvement.

“Try your best and show coaches that you’re interested and that you care about the program and the team. Putting your best foot forward,” Kelly said.

The way an athlete presents themselves is also extremely telling about the type of teammate they will be, and when filling the final roster spots, coaches want to see players that take care of other members and show leadership skills. 

“Always looking out for others like the new freshman coming in. Showing them how it works and being a leader, being vocal, and preaching what the coaches talk about the program like always being respectful of the equipment and being nice to one another,” Kelly said.