OHS winter sports prepares for success


Photo by Kaitlyn Smitten

Braedan Judge (left), sophomore, and Ryan Morris (right), sophomore, defend the ball against Hamilton.

Kaitlyn Smitten, Sports Editor

With Friday night lights dying down, the OHS 2022-23 winter sports season comes to life. Composed of basketball, soccer, and wrestling, OHS has an exciting glimpse into what to expect from these teams. 

Girls Basketball:

Going 13-5 last year, OHS girls basketball has quite the reputation to uphold. With a new coaching staff, and an abundance of young players, the team has a lot of preparation to do in order to top their amazing run last year. 

“This team is very different from the previous years. We have some new pieces [players] to our team that contribute a ton. We are going far this season and really pushing for a state title,” said Makaylei Snyder, senior. 

The OHS girls basketball team has been working harder than ever during the off-season in order to meet their goals of winning a state title this year. 

“We all have the common goal of winning state and we know that all the other teams are putting in just as much work as us so when we don’t have the motivation at our early morning workouts, or other times, we tell ourselves that this is just going to make us better and set us apart from the competition,” Snyder said. 

Combined with determined and extremely talented players, the OHS girls basketball team is eager to show off their hard work.

“The players still have the same mentality of giving it all and 100% and working for what we want. This year we have built a brand new team and structure and are really looking forward to working for what we want,” Syder said. 

OHS has always been a very competitive sports school, and girls basketball is no exception. 

“Sandra Day O’Connor women’s basketball isn’t an easy team to beat and will bring the energy to fight every game,” Snyder said. 

Boys Basketball: 

Along with their counterparts, OHS boys basketball has also been working extremely hard to meet their goals of making it to the post season this year. 

“Our team has been working really hard in preparation for this season so you can expect lots of wins this year,” said Ryan Larson, senior. 

One of the most important aspects to any team sport is the chemistry and friendships between the players. 

“I plan to develop the team by having our team be friends outside of basketball. The closer we are off the court, the more chemistry we will have on the court,” Larson said. 

Not only does OHS boys basketball intend on getting closer as a team and winning this year, they also plan on continuing to develop the program in order to make OHS a top school for basketball. 

“Winning should be the most important aspect of the team for all the players and coaches involved,” Larson said. “If you want something, go out and pursue it until you get it.”


This year, OHS wrestling is fortunate to have both girls and boys on their team, which is a first in school history. 

“We are pretty much newbies, but I expect great things from these girls. They put their hearts out there and they put everything, their blood, sweat, and tears, and they are just in it to win it,” said Mia Martinez, senior. Despite the team dynamic changing from a boys team to a co-ed team, the OHS wrestling team will no doubt be able to keep up with their opponents. 

“The thing that we all have in common is that we all have a drive. We all just want to test our mental and physical strengths,” Martinez said. “Wrestling is considered one of the hardest sports because not only does it break you down physically, [but] it also breaks you down mentally and you really have to break through. You have to be broken down and then built back up.”

Girls Soccer:

After a tremendous season last year, OHS girls soccer is back and better than ever. 

“We look really good this year. We’ve got a lot of younger talent that we have brought up from J.V so I think that honestly, you’re probably looking at a final four team right now,” said Rece Grant, senior.

Every year, the OHS girls soccer team improves, and this year, the team is expected to continue that trend.  

“From [my] freshman year until now, I feel like we have made it further in the postseason than we have in years prior,” Grant said. 

With a fair amount of senior players on the team, each and everyone of them is looking to make their last season their best. 

“I would try and bring out some creativity in the team. Like not just passing the ball like maybe taking someone on or trying something new in games,” Grant said. “Just keep working, it will all work out in the end.”

Boys Soccer: 

After having a losing record last year, OHS boys soccer intends to bounce back and show everyone who they really are. 

“Sandra Day O’Connor should expect the soccer boys to have a positive record this year,” said Brayden Perry, senior. “Over the last year I have seen our team go through ups and downs. All of the boys have learned to play with one another and the hope is for our team to make a run at the playoffs this year.” 

OHS boys soccer is more than ready to show off their hard work this season and plans to provide a very competitive team this year, while representing OHS’s blue and gold. 

“The goal is to have a reputation of never giving up despite all of our challenges and setbacks and play for our colors,” Perry said.