OHS softball teams’ progress to success


Photo by Aayushi Datta

Riley Lauffer, senior, pitches well against Boulder Creek.

Aayushi Datta, News Editor


The experience and talent they possess has contributed to what made the Varsity team so successful this season. They have worked hard, practiced and perfected themselves, which has made them achieve great results throughout the season. 

They are a group of extremely talented players, and this has given them the opportunity to play at Bullhead City against other teams all around the state. The team has been extremely triumphant this season. 

“We have been playing a lot and doing well. We got back from playing in Bullhead City for a tournament,” said Harper Sullivan, junior. “We won a lot of our games. We beat a high national-ranking team.” 

The teams that were present in the tournament included  tough competition. Considering that the team had new members that were less experienced with the school’s team, they faced certain difficulties in terms of coordination amongst themselves. 

“We faced really good teams and really good competition, plus it is just hard coming from club ball to school ball, transitioning with new players. So it was hard to get together,” said Rachel Davis, freshman. 

The lack of understanding became a major struggle amongst the team. This impacted them during their play. It is also something that they wish to fix in order to avoid any more troubles in the future. 

“Learning to play completely as a team all the time and really working hard on communicating and talking,” Sullivan said.

However, they were set on a common goal that all the players wanted to achieve throughout the tournament. 

“Our goal is finishing the game the best we can and really pushing through,” Sullivan said.

The team faced other difficulties regarding the schedule of the games. However, this presented them with a great opportunity to understand each other and create a closer bond with one another. 

“It was stressful because we had to play a lot of games back to back, and the weather wasn’t as nice as it was here, but it was so fun team bonding, and we got along the whole time,” Davis said.

The team is planning on improving and being better for the future. They want to focus on enhancing their skills.  

“We are planning on working hard and practicing a lot,” Sullivan said. 


The focus of JV is very much on improving themselves. They want to build themselves to reach closer to Varsity. 

“We are practicing and trying to be at the level that varsity is at and we are working up to being able to play varsity,” said Melanie Lee, sophomore.

They believe in the cycle of sports where they are inspired to improve themselves. Working hard to match Varsity’s level is an inspiration amongst the players. 

“[The] Freshmen [team] works hard to go to JV and JV works hard to go to varsity,” said Hope Sayegh, sophomore.

Teamwork is a very important factor in a team. JV has a very strong bond between their players, who are all working towards the same goal. 

“Our plan is to work as a team, and collaboratively be able to get wins and play well,” Lee said.

This goal and hard work of theirs has paid off well. They have been playing well and are consistently proving themselves in this sport. Teamwork and work ethic has given them the energy to overcome difficult situations and come out victorious. 

“It is really important to be a team and have that energy. We had a game actually where our energy wasn’t there but we picked it up [at] the end of the game, and then we came up and won,” Sayegh said. 


The freshmen team is the new softball team that is still in the learning stage. Although they lack experience, they are pushing themselves towards their own betterment. 

“Our team has lots of room for improvement,,” said Ashlyn Hansen, freshman. “I definitely see that a lot of girls try their best and try extremely hard.” 

The team is currently working on honing their skills. Amidst all the new players, there are players like Katie Bier, freshman, who are very experienced and have been playing for a long time. 

“We are working on simple stuff that new beginners can learn because we have a lot of new people on our team,” Bier said.. “I have been playing softball for a while, so I show them how to do different skills, how to do different drills and stuff, and teach them in the long run to continue playing softball.”

Having experienced players has made it easier for the players to learn better and also get additional help and guidance from their fellow peers. The experienced ones mentor the others which helps  them learn more. 

“From my past experience I am teaching them,” Bier said. “It is really fun to just see them grow, like from our first game and our upcoming game, we have so much improvement that it makes me happy and proud of the girls that are even just starting.” 

Just like any other team, the freshman team has also faced problems amongst their team members. However, challenges have only brought them closer together and united as one. 

“In the end we are all friends and we are practically a family,” Bier said.