Tennis scores high with team spirit and morale


Photo by Gabriel de Souza

Alexa Lewis, senior, serves the ball during a match against Boulder Creek.

Gabriel de Souza, Editor-in-Chief


Although the OHS girls tennis team did not make it to the state competition this year, it is safe to say the team has accomplished much to be proud of. With highs and lows, the team successfully navigated challenges to come out ranked 31st in Division I.

Before this season, many players had never experienced a full season due to the challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. This year brought more time for players to play without any distractions.

“It’s been nice being actually able to play all of our matches without COVID interrupting it,” said Grace Todd, junior.

With the added game time this year, players have had more chances to hone their skills and techniques.

“I feel like I’ve definitely improved since [my] freshman year,” Todd said. “Being able to play a lot more and having more time against other schools has improved my skills.”

Though many players improved this season, the team still competed against schools with strong teams.

“We play pretty tough schools, so the highlight [of the season] has definitely been those wins that [we] didn’t think [we] were going to get but then [we] ended up persevering and pulling through to get those wins. It’s overall really satisfying,” Todd said.

Challenging experiences can help players grow their skills further.

“Playing those better teams makes your skills develop because you’re challenged more; it leads to you playing better,” Todd said.

This year, the team has focused on strengthening their bonds with each other.

“I think we, as a team, have been doing pretty good,” said Allie Gardiner, junior. “[We] definitely have more team camaraderie than we’ve had in previous years, so that’s been helpful.”

The team often shares meals together after matches or tournaments, leading to a greater sense of connectivity.

“I feel like we’re more connected now. I feel like we do things together that we weren’t previously doing,” Gardiner said.

The team’s support of each other is a crucial aspect to the sport—and can make the difference between a win or loss.

“I think that if you’re not connected to your team you have no will to win,” Gardiner said. “The whole point of tennis is to get as many wins for your team as you can to win the game, so it’s very important to be supportive of your teammates.”


The OHS boys tennis team has one of their most successful seasons this year, climbing up to be ranked 15th in Division I. Facing tough competition, the team has stood firm through many challenges.

One of the difficulties the team managed was the schedule, playing many top teams consecutively. Despite this, the team has powered through with high spirits.

“We have had one of the toughest schedules in the state. [We’ve struggled] keeping our spirits up with that and fighting through it,” said Luke Fisher, senior.

With an abundance of talented players, competition within the team has pushed players to perform their best, just to keep their spot.

“It’s been very competitive this year, just trying to keep your spot,” said Tyler Searcy, junior. “Being able to stay high on JV has been a challenge this year with all the people below.”

To prepare for a strong season, the team practiced for months prior to the first game and have added new coaches.

“We had a camp that was run over the January and February months to help get us into shape,” Searcy said. “The coaching has been great with all the drills. We’ve got a couple extra coaches this year to help hone our techniques.”

As like any team in any sport, team spirit and camaraderie has played a large part in the team’s success this season.

“Cheering is a big part of our team. Every game we have a huge cheering squad for everybody playing; everybody who’s not playing is there on the fence cheering for our guys. It usually helps us pull out wins against better opponents,” Searcy said.

Talent alone is not enough for the team to achieve their goals, supporting each other is what it takes.

“Team morale is definitely something you have to keep up if you want to win,” Fisher said. “Sometimes people will think they can do it on talent alone, not team spirit. But when you have [team spirit] you can really support your guys and it can definitely make an impact on the court.”

From the team’s perseverance and grit to its spirit and morale, the team has proved throughout this season that they have what it takes to be victorious. 

“These last two year have probably been the best years for the program in a while because of this young group that has been developed over time. I think good things are ahead and it’s been going great this year,” Searcy said.