Track arduously prepares for the finish line


Photo by Gabriel de Souza

Chandler Miller, junior, competes at long jump during the District Meet.

Heaven Parson, Staff Writer

The OHS track team has a phenomenal history and this season has not changed at all. Track has carried the title of district champions for years and this year was no different for the team after winning district champions for both boys and girls.

The busy season has consisted of nothing but consistent effort and determination to perform their best during the championship season. The team has been rather victorious in various events and they believe with the support they get from each other, championships will be no different. 

Track and field consists of multiple events that come together and compete in a single meet as a team. Track works hard everyday to improve their performances, which motivates them to do their best out on the field. 

“I think we’re all doing really well. Our relay teams and boy teams are really strong and the girls teams are getting even stronger,” said Chandler Miller, junior.

Track has been serious about their long-standing reputation throughout the district and has been persevering through the hardships they have faced. They have overcome multiple setbacks due to COVID-19, but they did not let them affect their work on the field.

“Last year’s track was a lot of fun. There were COVID restrictions at the time but it did not affect meets too much,” said MacKenzie Greene, senior. “We did really well; we carried on the title of being district champions which we have done for many years now.” 

Track’s hardwork and grit is visible in their performance this year giving the team and the track community hope for championships. The team has been very successful in their meets and although they believe it’s important to have fun, they are serious about their performance at meets.

“The season is going well. We’ve won some meets and overall have some very good performances, Elijah Goodwin is one of the highest in state for jav and Connor Kittleson has been running fast in the 100m,” said Mario Fernandez, junior. “Some of our season highlights are definitely 4×4 qualifying for state, Tyler Olsen running 1:57 in the 800,  Elijah’s throwing and obviously winning meets.”

Not only does track have a strong team on the field, but their bond with each other is even stronger. The group focuses on helping each other out and motivating one another to do their best on the field. Track is a prime example of what partnership and diligent work can bring.

“I think the environment of our team is really strong because we all support one another. Everyone all has their own individual challenges to overcome but with the help of coaches and teammates everyone comes out stronger,” Greene said.