Baseball strikes back with a winning record


Photo Courtesy of Michael Brown

Cennedy Murrel, senior, pitches to the opponents during a game.

Michael Brown, Staff Writer

As the 2021-2022 baseball season comes to an end, the OHS baseball team has performed above expectations. It was a long, hard season, losing to school rival MRHS, but overall they blew everyone else out of the park.

“As a player this season I’ve been struggling to start, but later this season I’ll come back,” said Josh Imboden, junior.

As the end of the season arrives, the team is performing exceptionally well with a record of 17- 8 and they are placed top ten in the state and top five in the division. It took a lot of hard work and determination, but in the end, they pulled out on top. 

“The school is 9th in state right now and 4th in Division I,” said Noah Darnell, junior.

On top of an outstanding performance in the district, the varsity team played in many different tournaments, playing schools from all around the country. At both tournaments, they showed teams from all over how good they are. They made it to the championship game in both events, unfortunately losing and taking second.

“We beat the team from Oregon. We run-ruled them, I think. We played a team from Arkansas but they weren’t too much competition. We played IMG Academy from Florida and they were good but definitely beatable,” Pak said. 

The only reason the team was able to perform so well is because of the relationship the team has. They are outstanding at working together to achieve their goals. There is not one weak link on the team and that is proven by their ability to overcome hard times and perform phenomenally. 

“The team’s good. We have a lot of chemistry and this team is really athletic overall; there isn’t a weak link in any part of this team,” Pak said. 

The reason the baseball team has such good relationships and teamwork skills is because of the coaches. Without their coaches directing them and guiding them throughout the season, the baseball team would not have made it nearly as far as they did. The coaches taught them teamwork, patience, and many other things that have led to a great season. On top of that, the coaches have done all kinds of things to help the players on the field and academically. 

“The coaches have been very helpful. They have been staying after practice and helping get extra work in,” Imboden said.