Boys soccer navigates new coaching staff


Photo by Kaitlyn Smitten

Boys soccer dribbles up the field at a game against Pinnacle.

Kaitlyn Smitten, Sports Editor


Playing a sport and being a part of a team is always challenging and although the OHS boys soccer team did not have a successful season, going 3-11-2,  they became closer as a team and did not let their teammates get down on themselves. 

One of the most important parts of a team sport is having good chemistry within the team. With so many different personalities and skill sets, becoming close as a team is difficult to master, especially in such a short period of time, but boys soccer challenged this and became closer than ever, despite their losses on the field. 

“We didn’t make it that far into our season, we only won three games but we were in every game and did the best we could,” said Braedan Judge, freshman. 

Although Judge, and most of his teammates are young, they still found a way to become close and create a good environment within the team. 

“I mean it was a little rough at points but I think as such a young and new team with a new coach we did really well,” Judge said. 

Having a new coaching staff is difficult to navigate for anyone, but almost more so for returning players who are not used to the coaches’ techniques or coaching style. 

“We had a new coach and a lot of new players so we weren’t that connected, but by the end we were pretty close,” said Dalton Simon, junior. 

Even though the upperclassman are usually the leaders on the team, the underclassman played a major role in acclimating the team and creating a friendly and familiar environment. 

“Encourage the younger classmen and stay positive and lead the team for as long as you can, that’s what leads to a close team,” Judge said. 

Many of the upperclassmen, especially seniors did an excellent job encouraging younger classmen and some of their other teammates, especially when it came to rival games against MRHS.

“We were down 4-0 at half time and we came back to win 5-4. We stayed in the game,” said Benjamin Corder, senior. 

Even though the OHS boys soccer team did not start off strong, they always tried their best to stay in the games, and most of all, they made memories that they will never forget. 

“Hearing my name and getting announced in front of people and getting to walk up and be a part of the starting line up, that was really special to me,” Judge said. 


Following in the shadow of a varsity team is quite a challenge to face, but OHS JV boys soccer had no problems with the task. 

Going 5-4-3 on the season, JV soccer had a very successful season, winning almost half of the games that they played. 

“It was a winning season, we had more wins than losses,” said Cody Wood, sophomore. 

Although most of the team is underclassman, there was no problem with the team getting to know each other on and off the field. 

“We weren’t close at first, but we got closer towards the end of the season, and then we started winning more,” Wood said. 

Having good chemistry off of the field translates to games and even allows teammates to feel more confident in each other. JV soccer definitely had very good team chemistry as the season went on, which translated into more and more wins. 

“I feel like we should have beat Ridge, but a winning record is a winning record,” said Liam Corder, freshman. 

Although there were still some disappointments, like any sports season, the team itself helped encourage positive and uplifting behavior from teammates and made sure that no one was too hard on themselves. All in all, it is all about having a passion and a love for the sport.

“Enjoy it. Dont be ungrateful and just work hard,” Corder said.