OHS winter sports makes its debut


Photo courtesy of Hannah Eddleman

OHS girls soccer preparing for their first game of the season.

Kaitlyn Smitten, Sports Editor

As winter quickly approaches, so does the OHS winter sports season. At OHS, winter sports consists of; basketball, soccer, and wrestling. 

OHS boys basketball is set to make their debut with a brand new head coach, Joshua Cole, who is eager to get the season started and win some games. 

“Everyone can look forward to watching an exciting team who will play extremely hard,” said Blake Colvin, sophomore. “As well as a new coaching staff who is ready to win games.”

Although there is always the buzz around playing, there can also be some failures, but OHS boys basketball is promising a good season. 

“I do not see us having any struggles, once we come together and fully trust and respect each other and our coaches,” Colvin said. 

Having good chemistry is just as important on and off the court. Being able to have your teammates and coaches backs benefits not the team, but you as a player. 

“I am excited to get to play the greatest game in the world and work hard with teammates who share the same goals,” Colvin said. 

Along with boys basketball, OHS girls basketball is also projected to have an excellent season. With their team being made up of mostly upperclassmen, there is a new found sense of grit and determination within the team to make it their best year yet. 

“I am definitely looking forward to making the most of this last year with all my girls. I have been playing with them since seventh and eighth grade, and this being our last year is not going to be easy,” said Lana Croker, senior. 

Although, for many athletes this may be their last time on the court, or playing with familiar faces, OHS girls basketball has no interest in letting that get in their way, and instead use it as a learning experience. 

“Now that we are all seniors, we get to take that advantage and be the role models that we had in front of us when we were little freshmen ourselves,” Croker said. 

OHS boys soccer is another winter sport that is thrilled to play and get closer during the season. 

“I feel like the bus rides make our team as a whole closer together. As we travel to farther locations we do karaoke,” said Brayden Perry, junior. 

Not only does OHS boys soccer get it done on the field, they also know how to properly represent their school and put in their best efforts. 

“I expect us to give our best efforts and represent O’Connor every time we step on the field,”  Perry said.

OHS girls soccer is also projected to have a spectacular season this year, with making it to the state semi finals last year, OHS soccer returns with even more motivation to perform the best they can. 

“I think [OHS soccer] has just given me a good idea of what high competition is supposed to look like in soccer. It has exposed me to other girls that are not the same level I am, and a good sense of team unity,” said Kaycee Coty, senior. 

Although OHS girls soccer had a spectacular season last year, it may be more difficult this year as they have lost a fair amount of prominent players. 

“It is difficult to have a bunch of new girls come in and a bunch of old girls leave every year, because there are a bunch of new people coming in, but I think we will overcome that,” Coty said. 

Although rebuilding a team can be difficult, Coty has no doubt that herself, and her teammates will dominate on the field. 

“We have a lot of incoming freshmen, a lot of new girls,” Coty said. “It is gonna be a little bit more new, not as much chemistry, but I am sure we will pick it up and result in us, hopefully, winning a state championship.” 

OHS wrestling is also eager to start their season, after having a ton of matches and tournaments taken away from them last year, due to COVID-19 protocols, OHS wrestling is more than ready to take on their opponents.

“There are also going to be tournaments this year, which is nice, it will give us more opportunity to showcase our skills that we developed last year and over the off season,” said Joseph Riccelli, junior. 

Although wrestling is more of an individual sport, there still needs to be a sense of unity and competition  within the team, to help inspire each other. 

“I will have to wrestle a senior for my spot but I think it will all play out okay,” Riccelli said. “I tell myself, do not stress out, do not overthink it, go to the weight room.” 

All in all, OHS sports is more than ready for their upcoming season, and ready to prove themselves.

“Do not be afraid to be yourself. You are going to grow so much academically and soccer wise. Just be who you are and have fun. Trust the process and you will be fine, even if sometimes things are not going your way, it is always worth it in the end,” Coty said.