Golf teams see remarkable success during 2021 season

Gabriel Souza and Michael Brown


As the 2021 OHS golf season progresses, the girls golf team looks on to a potential state championship. With admirable leadership and talented players, the team is striving for a successful season.

The team has done well so far, while still having fun. At a recent tournament, the team was challenged with skilled opponents, yet they still played their best.

“It was actually a two day tournament. The first day was more fun; it wasn’t as serious as the second day. We played 18 holes and we came in fourth place out of 25 teams,” said Kyra Allen, junior. “I think we did pretty good.”

Thus far, the team has outperformed last year’s results.

“This year has been going really well for us,” Allen said. “Normally we’re around 11th or 12th in the state, but right now we’re actually fourth in the state, so I think we’re doing a lot better this year.”

With the help of their existing knowledge of the course being used for the state championship, the team is confident that they will achieve success.

“I think we’ll do pretty good,” said Sydney-Resse Harris, senior. “It’s down in Tucson. We’ve played this course [before]; most of the girls in the top five have played this course for the past couple of years.”

With some years going to the state championship, and some years not, the team is excited to see if they will make it to state this year.

“My freshman year we made it to state as a team, so that was really fun. I think we did pretty good that year,” Allen said. “Last year, we missed the cut off for state by .2, but four of us qualified individually so we still got to go up.”

Beyond this season and the state championship, senior players are excited and hopeful to see a future winning team.

“It’s kind of nerve racking because we do have some really good juniors and a freshman that’s really good,” Harris said. “I’m anxious to see what the team could do but I know that I’m leaving the team in good hands. I’m excited to see what they can do without the seniors there.”

Every new year comes the opportunity for the team to find a diamond in the rough that will take the team to the next level.

“We do have three seniors leaving this year so it’ll be exciting to see some new players come in,” Allen said.


Over the years, the OHS boys golf team has been an ordinary team, but with the addition of Uriah Cross as the coach, the team is having never before seen success. Winning tournaments is a common occurrence under the strong leadership of Coach Cross.

“Under [Coach] Cross we’ve been great,” said Clayton Johnson, junior. “Before [Coach] Cross was here, I don’t think we made it to state, any year, and we surely didn’t win the DV Cup.”

Under Coach Cross’ guidance, the team has garnered many accomplishments, like winning the DV Cup — several years in a row.

“Since [Coach] Cross has been here it’s been like an X-factor,” Johnson said. “We’ve won the DV Cup every single year [Coach] Cross has been here. We had a couple second place finishes at state; top threes; top fours. We’re still going strong, Cross is a great leader.”

The team attributes their success to the hard work and honest feedback Coach Cross gives them.

“I think [Coach Cross] is a very honest person, he’s very open with us, and he really does care about winning,” Johnson said. “He’s not going to sugarcoat anything or give everybody playing time. He’s always going to play his best five. He’s going to always make sure we’re working hard and he’s not going to take anything from us. He’s going to give us [an] honest opinion.”