Girls volleyball’s record breaking start


Photo by Lindsay Steinberg

Girls varsity volleyball dominates against Boulder Creek.

Lindsay Steinberg, Copy Chief


A new coaching staff coupled with talent and skill gave way for great success for the OHS girls volleyball team. No matter how much adversity they face, the team proves time and time again they are worth receiving attention. 

With the arrival of a new coaching staff, the team looks towards the possibility of greatness and winning state. This greatness is being seen as the team holds the title of having the best start in program history, as they are currently ranked #1 in their conference, as of Oct. 13. 

“The new coaching staff did a really good job of making us feel heard and figuring out where we want to go from here so it’s been a good start,” said Maisie Jesse, junior. “Our head coach does a really good job of reminding us of our goals and what it takes for us to achieve those goals.” 

As imagined with any team that adopts a new coaching staff, it took time for the team to adjust to the new way of thinking and culture the staff brought with them. 

“It was an adjustment in the beginning with an entirely new coaching staff with different philosophies so it’s been a bit of a culture shift,” said Jesse. 

Like any other team though, there is always the possibility of roadblocks and challenges, but the team hopes this isn’t in their future and will do whatever it takes to avoid this possibility. 

“You just hit a wall where you feel like you can’t go anymore and hope we don’t hit that wall as hard and just push through and understand what needs to be done,” Jesse said. 

With their current record of 11-0, Maya Kitna, senior, and her team, looks towards the rest of the season with hope and wants to show the hard work the team is dedicating to the game. 

“We’re undefeated, I feel like we’ve been working good as a team,” Kitna said. “I have a good feeling about [the rest of the season], especially after the last couple games we’ve made some changes.” 


Similar to the Varsity team, the JV team looks towards a bright future with the new atmosphere the coaching staff is providing them with. 

Carrying good chemistry with them, the JV team hopes to see that connection transfer over to their games and help them each end one with a win. 

“It’s not any different, no one treats anyone different because of their age,” said Devyn Wiest, freshman. 

Looking towards the rest of the season, the JV team hopes to have a bright future and to continue to win most of their games as they have up until now.

“I think we’ll do a lot of good things,” Wiest said.