Coach Cole’s dazzling debut

Kaitlyn Smitten , Sports Editor

As the 2021 football season approaches, many are curious to what OHS and its new coaching staff have up their sleeve. With almost all new coaches, there is no way of telling how this year’s football season will play out. 

With last year’s team’s success of making it to the semifinals, topping that will be difficult but not impossible. With a new perspective of coaching, OHS has new opportunities and visions that may help them win a championship. 

“We’re winning state for sure, our defense is goated and I like what the coaches are doing with our offense,” said Ryan Davis, junior. 

Davis is a second year varsity player and has experienced different coaching techniques and agrees with coach Cole’s balance for strength and agility as well as football IQ. A good combination of both knowledge and strength is always the key to success. 

“Our coaching staff definitely teaches us more than football and a lot about working hard on the field and in the real world, with jobs and staying on top of our school,” Davis said.

Not only are the athletes learning about football, but also real world skills and time management without burning them out, which will be a great skill in the future, especially when it comes to playing at the higher levels like college.

“They’re definitely less strict but are all about being aggressive which is what we need,” Davis said. 

Football is a naturally aggressive sport, especially the bigger the athletes get, but it is also important to be able to defend yourself against your opponents who may be larger than you. Being aggressive gives one an advantage as it allows for more plays to be made and more scoring opportunities. The coaches are still devoted but not strict and make their players feel like they have the opportunity to make mistakes which is important because learning is all about learning from your mistakes. Coaches are supposed to be able to bond with their athletes and be trusted to teach them. 

“It is different but he [coach Cole] is definitely able to relate to the kids by how he coaches and he is a different leader,” said Aiden Simonton, senior. 

Simonton is a senior at OHS and has  been exposed to three different coaching techniques and was even on last year’s team which made it to the semi finals. He has seen all types of coaching and although this is a change, it is a positive one with hopefully a positive outcome. 

“I think this is a good change for us because coach Cole has brought a new atmosphere with him and everyone on the team seems to respond to it really well,” Simonton said. 

The team has had no trouble adapting to the new coaches and is even excited to see what their season holds for them after the coaching change. Although their practice schedule looks very similar to last year’s, there is still room for flexibility for these young athletes as coach Cole has made their future and their goals their top priority. 

“He focuses a lot more on the small details and other stuff outside of football including grades,” Simonton said. 

The new coaching staff’s approach seems to be working for the team so far but it is yet to be seen in action in a game.

“They’re a good coaching staff with a good game IQ and experience. You can tell they care about the game and the players and they’re always trying to make us better,” said David Bird, junior. 

Bird was called up to varsity his freshman year and has had the opportunity to play under multiple coaches and get their opinions on his game. Not only is coach Cole and the new coaching staff younger and more used to the modern way the game is played, they are also focused on making sure that each of their players has an understanding of the game. 

“I think we can go 7-3 if we really come to play,” Bird said. 

Although last year’s team had a phenomenal run all the way to the semi finals, this year’s team is expected to be stronger and make it to the championship. With a better understanding of the game, and more focus on the basics, OHS has the ability to have a dominant football team this season. 

“We are a strong team offensively and defensively and I believe we can have a great run this season,” Bird said.