Girls’ basketball starts season undefeated


Peyton Thompson

Lauren McIver, senior, dribbles the ball up the court.


As the season changes and winter begins, it is now time for fall sports to come to an end, and for winter sports to take the spotlight. The start of the girls’ basketball season brings on the inspiration and strength to do their best. With harder practices and more confidence, this upcoming season seems to be turning out in OHS’ favor.

Most of the team consists of returning members, who continue to strive for greatness. Even before the first game, the girls’ basketball team acknowledges their strengths and weaknesses to be the best that they can be.

“We have all learned a lot throughout the years, and we know what we need to be working on and fixing them for this season,” said Alyssa Giacone, senior.

They attribute all credit for their high spirits and hope for success to the bond they share as a team. Each of them have each other’s back, whether it happens to be on the basketball court or in everyday life.

“When you’re diving for balls and your teammate picks you up, that just creates a family,” said Lauryn McIver, senior.

Their practices become harder and longer to ensure their upcoming success in every game they play

“We’re practicing way harder than we have the past years, and we have more heart than we had in past years,” McIver said.

Girls’ basketball, as they strive towards greatness, has built a community out of being more than teammates. They built their own family out of the long hours they’ve spent together.

“We have a bond and really good chemistry; it’s not just playing on the court,” Giacone said.


The JV girls’ basketball team also seems to have their hopes and spirits high. All the players on the team find that they have improved when compared to previous years, as well as with new teammates to bring more strength to the game.

“We’ve stepped up our game, we all started working harder, we all started practicing even harder and longer,” said Tia Henry, sophomore.

A team cannot succeed without friendship and working together. The JV team ensures that they’ve maintained a strong bond even before their season started.

“As a team, we’ve definitely clicked; it’s going to show on the court and they’re not going to see it coming,” said Lana Croker, sophomore.

Each player has a different type of love for basketball and each player for the school team shows them more reason to enjoy the sport and more of a reason to do the best they can do.

“I love the rush, the feeling of how we’re traveling nonstop,” Henry said. “It’s us going everywhere, it’s us practicing after school everyday.”

Girls Basketball has their next game on Thursday, December 19 against Shadow Ridge.


Freshman basketball players take on this year by showing some school spirit. With girls joining the basketball team for some friendly competition, they show excitement for their first high school basketball season.

“It’s definitely more competitive this year, and it’s a lot more work than middle school,” said Esha Saraswatt, freshman.

Compared to their previous middle school basketball seasons, they are finding more ways to personally improve on their techniques. As well as introducing harder practices to improve their plays.

“We’re running plays and we’re memorizing rules; I think it’s very helpful so we can execute those plays during the game,” Saraswat said.

Longer and more intense practices are goals that girls’ basketball is focusing on to improve.

“This season is going to be going very well, we practice every day for two hours. It’s pretty intense and it’s fun,” Saraswat said.

Each of the teammates work together every day to create a bond and further their goals and it seems that their bond is helping aid them in success.

“All the teammates are super supportive and nice, and I think it’s going to be a good season,” Saraswat said.

Girls Basketball continues through their season with a record of 6-0 going into their next game on Thursday,December 19 against Shadow Ridge.