Beach Volleyball Strikes Competition


Katie Dube

Kelly Agnew, senior, sets up to play at the Inaugural Beach Volleyball Tournament.

Emilie Reid, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Girls beach volleyball has just entered its third season since being established in 2016, and with a full season still ahead of them, along with two teams in the silver division and three in the bronze bracket, it’s already looking to be a promising season.

What makes this sport different from regular volleyball is the change from having six girls on the court to two, and obviously playing in the sand instead of on a flat surface.

Since the team plays off campus and hasn’t been a part of the sports program for that long, the sport is still growing in popularity.

Nevertheless, the team has been very successful in its first few years. In their first season they made it to state finals, and last year they made it to the state playoffs.

Kaylee Byerly, senior, has been playing volleyball since fifth grade and beach volleyball for two years. Byerly plans to try and create more awareness for the team by representing her sport and by helping her team do well in games.

“I don’t think it’s well known enough, just because it’s a newer program and it’s off campus with the games and stuff so people don’t think to come see the games. I think it’s going to grow as time goes on and get more popular,” Byerly said.

However, Jamey Spartz, head coach, isn’t too focused on the publicity her team receives.

“It’s not about attention to me, but I’m hoping that if the girls are building the culture and the likability and the success, that attention will automatically come,” Spartz said.

Since starting the program after her daughter, Alexa, encouraged her to, Spartz has become more focused on the benefits that have and will come from the sport, such as opportunities and offers to play at the college level.

“The idea of the potential and the opportunity for another sport for young female athletes to get opportunities to get scholarships was my biggest thing, and the fact that we were able to get four girls committed to a beach program, I’m pretty proud,” Spartz said.

So far in the season, the team of 19 has participated in an invitational that included seven schools, as well as a scrimmage against Millennium High School.

At the invitational, two pairs of players placed in the top ten overall. Alexa Spartz and Kelly Agnew placed third, and Tylar Garrett and Grace Cook placed fifth.

The team practices at the Victory Lane Complex everyday after school, which is located near Wet and Wild. This is also where many of their games take place.

“I want us to make it to state and potentially have some of our partners qualify for the state playoffs, that would be pretty cool,” Byerly said.

The team’s next game is on March 12 at the Victory Lane Complex against Sunnyslope.

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