Boys volleyball hits opponents hard


Katie Diab

Jared White, senior, attempts to make contact with the ball at practice.

Nikki Hazelett & Cassidy Moore, Sports Editor & Design Chief

Boys volleyball is entering their 2018 season with strong players and plans to go further than they have ever gone before. The JV and varsity teams are full of new and returning players that are excited for the season.

Andrew McCall, freshman, is on the JV team this year. Although this is his first year on a high school team, he as been playing volleyball since seventh grade.

“It’s harder [than middle school] because the net is higher and the competition is stronger,” McCall said.

The varsity team had their first match on Feb. 27, against Basha high school, ending 3-0. Diego Guillan, junior, has been on the varsity team since his sophomore year.

“We beat [Basha], in three sets so it went really well,” Guillan said.

The team also won against Corona del Sol, ending 3-2.

“I’m very excited we play Corona del Sol and there’s some good players on that team so I am excited to see how we perform against top competition,” Guillan said.

The boys’ hard work and determination so far this season has allowed them to compete at their best and be a force to be reckoned with.

“Practice is going well and everyone seems to be working to be successful,” said Daniel Chelminski, junior.  

To go along with their winning streak, the team won a challenging invitational, 9-0, against numerous schools on March 2.

With a bright season ahead of them, the team faces their next home game against Brophy on March 13.

“The game of volleyball to me is just fun because you can show your dominance as a hitter, or just your skills and everything. I like the hype,” Chelminski said.