Wrestling pins down opponents for the win


Kendall Deal

Sharkim Medlin, works on taking down his opponent from Valley Vista on Nov. 29, as he is cheered on by others.

Kendall Deal, Staff Writer

Wrestling has high hopes for the 2017-18 season, having already won their first few matches, breaking their 14-17 place streak of the past few years.

The dedication of the team can be seen in their countless hours of practice and commitment to the sport. Whether joining because of family legacy or to help with other sports, each member is as devoted as the next.

“You have to push yourself, it’s not an easy sport. It’s one of the hardest there is and you can’t go in thinking you’re going to give fifty percent. You have to go in and give one hundred percent every day,” said Clarence Hamilton IV, junior.

Wrestling is a sport of mental agility and endurance. Believing is half the battle.

“I just need to get it into my head that I already did all the work, I’ve been wrestling for so many years and nobody’s put in as much work as I have,” said Jacob Correa, junior.

Though diet is not regulated by the coaches, often times before meets competitors have to cut weight. Starting a few days prior players begin to slow their food and water intake.

“I know that a lot of the other wrestlers have strict diets, to keep weight, they also cut back before meets, some guys don’t eat the day of to make weight,” said Alexander Niederhaus, junior.

*Due to The Talon going to the printer, results from the Moon Valley Invitational can be found on aia365.com