Varsity volleyball spikes mountain ridge


Katie Diab

For the third time on set two, Maddi Noble serves the ball to Mountain Ridge and soon after the OHS team is leading with 23-21.

On September 20, the varsity volleyball team went against Mountain Ridge (MR). They played four sets altogether and won three with the last set being 25-24, leaving OHS with the big win.

Katie Diab
Kelly Agnew spikes the ball on their opponent and leaves them with a point breaking the third set tie originally at 22-22.

“As a captain I plan on making my team better by motivating them and setting our minds onto what we want,” said Maddison Noble, senior captain.

On the first set against MR, they lost with a really close count, 23-25. In their second set they were already planning out all of the moves they need to work on and all their strength moves that they would like to use.

“My goals are to work as a team; if we lose, we lose as a team, If we win, we win with pride. We are all very encouraging and motivating to each other. Even if we are losing we are still motivating each other to get out on the court and try our hardest,” said Kelly Agnew, junior outside hitter.

According to Noble, they lost against MR last year and the whole team’s goals were to succeed on their executions and do more spikes.

The team was motivated and inspired by Kyle Brainard, head coach, to practice hard as a team and play aggressive in matches.

Katie Diab
On the last set, 22-23, Maddi Noble and Meagan McCall block the ball from their opponents, leaving Mountain Ridge to lose contact with the ball and leaving the team with a tie.

“This game has really made an impact on us since last year we did not win, and it really showed us that we have been working hard to get where we are today,” said Samantha Hover, senior captain.