Varsity football takes on the new season


Alexa Fuenmayor

Ben Fuenmayor, sophomore, prepares to snap the ball in the game against Chandler.

Laci Holm, News Editor

Football kicked off its season August 19 with strong new players.

The varsity Eagles are starting out the season in division one after a well played season last year. They lost five games and won seven including the game against Mountain Ridge.  

“We’re a very young team, but I think we’ll do well this season. The only thing that’s stopping us the most is ourselves, we could go out and beat anybody but it needs to come from within us,” said Ben Fuenmayor, sophomore.  

The team this year is smaller than it was last year, due to the fact that most of the varsity team graduated last year.  

“We are a little undersized at times but the fight in their hearts is unbelievable. We will stand toe to toe against anyone,” said Robert Latona, assistant varsity coach. 

Last week the Eagles played Chandler with a final score of 55-16 Chandler. The season has had a rough start but the players are hopeful.  

“Coach said we have a good matchup against the teams that we’ll be playing next in our section and teams that we can hopefully get some victories out of,” said Fuenmayor.

This Friday at seven the Eagles play Millennium for their homecoming game.