Tennis teams wrap up season

Audra McCaw, Staff Developer


OHS boys’ tennis team finished the season with 7 wins and 7 loses.

“The entire season was great with the addition of new players added to the team along with the accomplishment of a better record of wins this year,” said Kent Younger, team’s coach.

Younger said the team met most of their goals for the season.

“We accomplished half of our goals this season with a player, Griffin Sauer, going to the third round of state,” said Younger.

The team’s biggest setback was that sickness ran through the team.

“Training the younger guys and bringing them together was my favorite part,” said Raymond Smith, tennis varsity captain of four years.

Smith has been apart of the team for four years.

Younger feels his team consists of players with exceptional character and team that has sort of family bond.

“Our team has a special bond, we are all friends not just teammates,” said Smith.

The team hopes to improve even more so than this season, next season.

“During the offseason we plan to train over the summer with competitive tournaments,” said Younger.


OHS girls’ tennis team finished the season 11 wins and 3 losses.

“The best part of the season was to see the girls bond with each other,” said Debbie Rodrigues, head coach of the team.

Although the team bonded through long bus rides and multiple dinners together, they struggle with inconsistency.

Alexis Mahrt has been apart of the team for four years.

“Tjis is the best we’ve had, we were all one,” said Mahrt.

Rodrigues said the team met their goal.

“Our goal was to learn ball control. It will still be our goal for next season but I know every single player improved,” said Rodrigues.

Rodrigues said Sammi Jo Aley and Erin Walker were the most improved from this season.

“Making inside jokes and haning out with my team was the best part of the seaon,” said Mahrt.

To improve for next season Rodrigues encourages the team to practice throughout the summer.

“I’m proud of the girls and how well they did as a team this season,” said Rodrigues.