Audra McCaw, staff developer


“We have established a warm up routine and are entering this season with confidence,” said Debbie Rodrigues, school nurse and coach of the girls’ tennis team.

The team is entering the season with seventeen girls. Six in which are on varsity, six on JV and five on the exhibition team.

“The goal for our team this season is ball control,” said Rodrigues.

Since December the players have been conditioning for this season.

“Most of the girls took lessons and clinics all summer,” said Rodrigues. “We have fourteen matches and will play in two tournaments.”

The captains of the varsity team are Gwynn Neal and Paityn Jaquess, seniors. For the JV team, Siearra Rowlan, junior and Madison McLeun, sophomore.

Madison Hernandez, junior, said she has been on varsity for the past three years.

“I like how tennis is an individual sport and you control the outcome of your match,”Hernandez said.

Hernandez has a personal goal for this season.

“I want to win more matches than I lose,” said Hernandez.



Kent Younger, fine arts teacher and coach of the boys’ tennis team, feels as if his players have improved since last season.

“The boys have a better understanding of the game and have become more confident,” said Younger. “They have improved in all aspects. This season we are coming back bigger and stronger.”

Younger has been coaching the team for twelve years and says it’s a consistent program.

Preparation for this season was something the team was dedicated to.

“The boys participated in two camps, a fall and spring one. They also dedicated time during summer, and weekends,” said Younger.

The captains of the team include: Noah Mendoza, Ray Smith and Jacob Rodriguez.

Timothy Atkins, sophomore, is on his second year of being on the JV team.

“I like how my team is more of family, rather than just teammates,” said Atkins.

He feel his team succeeds so well do to their friendships.

“We joke around and make it fun,” said Atkins.

Younger hopes his new players integrate with previous teammates.

“My overall goal for this season is to have a cohesive and confident team,” said Younger.