Looking Back on the Boy’s Basketball Season

Lily Newcomb, Opinions Editor

With a record of 6-5 and a ranking of number 7 in division one basketball, Sandra Day O’connor’s boys basketball season has ended.

Matt King, the Boy’s Basketball team coach, looks back at the season and says “I feel good, I think we took some steps forward as a program, we are able to set some standards for how we wanna operate and I am really proud of the kids and the effort they put in.”

Scott Thomasson, a senior forward, also says “I felt it was a lot of hard work, but it definitely paid off with maturity.”

The work King’s team did holds the impression of being a character builder in the eyes of Thomasson, and his fellow teammate Jake Pitts, a senior wing.

Pitts states “it was a good start to a new program, and [the drills] were very character building. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

As for next season, King has prospects.

King quotes “I think that the biggest thing we look forward to is some stability, our kids are now in a program that they are somewhat familiar with, and I think that is important.” He adds, “I think we can get better, I think that we will definitely make some adjustments and try to improve on what we have done, but we are thankful for everything.”

Thomasson says the legacy he and other seniors are leaving will also improve the team.

Thomasson quotes “They have a long off season to go through, if they do what the coaches have them do, they will be successful, they gotta believe in the program. I believe they will be successful.”

Thomasson says he enjoyed the time he spent working with his team.

“I went through a really rough time and I didn’t quit and I have learned how to finish. I had a fun time with my friends” Thomasson quotes.

Pitts also states that looking back he saw “just a lot of tough times the whole team had together, and to how it changed us, instead of staying and being upset about it, we all just moved on to the next thing.”

Coach king states that looking back also kindled memories of the team’s relationship.

King says “We had 10 seniors so we always appreciate the time and the effort they spent, and what they put into the program. Whenever you look back I think the thing you always look back at are the relationships that you built.”

The Basketball team has had a fresh start this year, one their Coach plans to build on.