Badminton continues to win despite injuries

Austin Lane, Staff Writer

The OHS badminton girls are now a few months into their season and are still carrying themselves as well as they did when the school year started, winning games often and rarely losing to rival schools. Recently, OHS has overcome Boulder Creek and Barry Goldwater with a considerably high average of points above opposing teams.

Members Rebecca Long, senior, and Alexis Yanko, junior, each said that the team is doing well this year despite setbacks like player injuries.

When asked about which players stand out, Yanko said, “I would say the whole varsity and everyone on the team because we had an injury and everyone just had to move up to different positions. So we all played different spots that we’ve never played before….”

Some players such as senoirs Jay Cosay and Sammi Evans, however, have recently received medals for performing well in singles matches.

In regards to practice, the OHS badminton team shows just as much dedication as in their more current games. They officially practice on a daily basis and even manage to meet up and practice outside of school at local venues.

About their training regimen, Long said, “We usually start out with some running and stretching. Then we go into different drills that help us stay light on our feet and help us move swiftly across the court.”

Long mentioned as well that she likes to work on performing “smashes because smashes are a hard shot to return and often it intimidates the opponent.”

It’s clear that OHS’s badminton team is keeping a steady pace, winning games and practicing hard. Unfortunately, the turnout at badminton events are often limited to parents, leaving a student audience to be desired.