Avenue 27 sets up high standards for CTE programs


Photo by Aayushi Datta

Patrons of Avenue 27 see their food being cooked in the appealing restaurant space.

Aayushi Datta, News Editor

Avenue 27, a fine dining restaurant opened by the culinary arts students of Barry Goldwater High School, is creating delicious meals for the public. This is a huge step for the CTE students in this program as it brings them closer to the real world. The restaurant operates two Friday nights every month. 

Walking into the restaurant, one is welcomed with a very soothing, well decorated, and clean ambience. It is a very beautifully decorated environment, and was pleasing to the eyes. The restaurant also maintains a very professional culture that is generally seen in fine dining restaurants. There were students who were greeting guests at the door and showing people to their tables, some students were busy serving the tables, and the rest were in the kitchen preparing meals. 

They start off with a bread basket with sea salt butter at the table. The bread was actually quite moist and soft from both inside and outside. It is different because generally bread at restaurants is hard from the outside but soft on the inside. The taste of the bread has a perfect balance of flavor. Its sweetness is easily diluted by the saltiness of the butter. Overall, it is a good start. Following the bread and butter is the baby greens salad with shaved vegetables, garlic croutons and apple cider vinaigrette. The salad is good except for the fact that the concentration of apple cider vinaigrette was a little excessive. It will be better to put the vinaigrette on the side so that people can add in the amount according to their own taste. 

Coming to the starters, there were two options: cajun spiced New York strip with red skin mashed potatoes and garlic asparagus, and trout almondine with confetti rice pilaf and sautéed green beans. The cajun spiced New York strip was excellent overall. The mashed potatoes was the star of the show in this dish. The steak was perfectly cooked and was well seasoned as well. The only problem with the dish was the garlic asparagus as it was quite bland and did not add any flavor whatsoever. Coming to the trout almondine, this dish was subpar compared to the other one. The confetti rice pilaf was a little over-boiled as it melted in the mouth very quickly; it also lacked a little salt in it. While the fish was cooked perfectly, it lacked flavor and adequate seasoning. Similar to the asparagus, the green beans were also very bland. A point of suggestion will be to refresh the menu and also work on the seasonings. There is also a vegetarian option, smokey red beans and rice. This option was not tried, so no review can be written. 

The trout almondine offered at Avenue 27. (Photo by Gabriel de Souza)

At the end was the desert, French quarter beignets with vanilla ice cream and pecan praline sauce. This was undoubtedly the best dish in the restaurant. The desert was just too good to be real. The entire combination was mouthwatering and went together very well. The beignets had a custard filling in it which made it taste heavenly. They were soft and easily chewable just like any perfect beignet should be. The pecan praline had a beautiful caramel sauce that took the desert to the next level. The ice cream was just the icing on the cake. It was the element that brought the entire dessert together. There could be more desert options just to provide  diners with a variety. 

The restaurant had good service. However, some of the things could have been improved. For example, the menu could be more vegetarian friendly in addition to the only one option they have. More vegetarian options would also allow vegetarian students to enjoy the cuisine and not feel left out or uncomfortable. This could be very beneficial for CTE students as well because it will allow students to broaden their horizons and prepare for any situation in life. 

This restaurant is very much recommended and every DVUSD should visit the restaurant at least once.. Not only because of the food and experience but to also boost the morals of DVUSD students that are part of this program. The restaurant has a friendly environment that welcomes all and it is also flexible towards people’s preferences.