OHS students deserve longer lunches


Photo by Aayushi Datta

An OHS student looks out at lunch tables during lunch.

Aayushi Datta, News Editor

Longer lunches are an ongoing debate between the administration and students. As students want lunches to be longer than 30 minutes, the school faculty disagrees with them. 

To support their students, parents have started an online petition to make the lunches longer. Students benefited from this action as they got aspiration and inspiration to further continue to be hopeful. 

Longer lunches are something that students deserve after being held into academics and extracurriculars for more than 6 hours each school day. Students are working extremely hard to survive in high school because of the tremendous pressure. A lot of students take really hard classes and hence have to deal with a lot of work. While other students are working really hard to maintain a successful academic curriculum in general. To ease this pressure, students should be given an hour lunch so that they get time to relax themselves, and their brains. 

Students are surrounded with academics wherever they travel around the campus. Some students also do extracurricular activities like sports, band, choir, clubs, etc. These students require a break because of their active involvement before, during, and after school. Longer lunches would give students opportunities to socialize and have fun at school, which is generally restricted. 

The biggest irony is that OHS had a system of having longer lunches twice a week. This system was popularly known as Eagle Hour. It was a part of the school and played a huge part in making students happy and keeping them motivated. Eagle Hour provided students with choices and chances to work on anything they want. While some students were called in for academic purposes, others enjoyed their free time with friends.. 

Eagle Hour was cancelled last year because of COVID-19 concerns which is a viable reason to terminate this. However, this year, there are not any other major changes with the school rules and activities, which makes the termination of Eagle Hour very biased and a way for the school to take away the fun element from the school.

Longer lunches are not just fun, but it can also be used for students to work on their academics like studying for tests, work on missing assignments or homework, and more. Although not all, most students work very hard inside and outside of school; longer lunches are vital for them to have fun and relax. The efforts that each student puts into the school goes unrewarded as they do not get enough time to enjoy their lives as normal high school students. 

Having longer lunches is not just beneficial for the students, but also for the teachers. Having an hour lunch also gives the teachers a chance to relax and prepare for the rest of the school day. It will also give them the opportunity to help students who are interested in getting help from them.

Overall, it acts as a fun element in the monotonous lives of students. It gives good memories to think about in the future, and also remember about the time they spent with their friends. It adds onto the high school experience and makes it more memorable and remarkable. Longer lunches are essential for students so that they can have a fun, enjoyable high school experience.