Editorial: Biden’s first 100 days

Jackson Morgan, Editorial Chief

A president is most effective in the first 100 days of office. President Joe Biden started off by breaking many records in the first week. Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, is the first African-American, Indian-American, and female Vice President in history, breaking barriers thought impossible 100 years ago. President Biden is now the oldest president in American history and came into office on track to sign 218 executive orders a year which will result in many changes for America. 

Biden entered with major policy differences than former President Donald Trump. He has had 37 executive orders which included the requirement of wearing a mask on federal property, advancing racial equality, allowing all qualified Americans to serve in the armed forces. There are also some very controversial executive orders such as stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline construction and allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports. There is a high possibility that Biden could surpass Trump in the amount of executive orders passed.

The President’s health, both physically and mentally, have come into question as well. On March 19, 2021, Biden was walking up the stairs of Air Force One when he tripped three consecutive times and as the oldest president in history, that is not a good sign. Biden has also had many incoherent statements, which could either be the result of suspected dementia or him just tripping on his words. Either way his health is a serious concern for American citizens. 

President Biden also has his first crisis of his presidency at the Mexico border where there’s a large influx of immigrants especially children due to his new policy: letting in almost all children that show up at the border. There is an ethical issue at play here, when immigrants are coming to America to be put in a camp operating at over 100% capacity especially during a pandemic. Biden is also still keeping the people in cages that he helped build when he was Vice President in Ice detention centers. His Vice President has also been avoiding the southern border causing some to question her avoidance.

Biden also launched an airstrike against Syria resulting in a lot of backlash as the air strike was against Iraqi troops in Syria. The strike was controversial as many thought the Biden administration would not use air strikes the way the Trump administration did. The airstrike was meant to deter further attacks from Iraq following multiple rocket attacks on U.S. military bases. The move from President Biden could have been avoided, yet, as his long history in the government will tell you: he likes war and conflict.

Biden has had a successful vaccine rollout with more than 100 million COVID vaccines within his first 60 days in office. Although the rollout did have some flaws and controversy, such as smokers going to the front of the vaccine line in some states. Overall, there have been 22% of Americans vaccinated which is successful for such a large country.

There has also been multiple mass shootings during Biden’s presidency resulting in him attempting to pass gun control regulations. Although there have been many mass shootings, these tragedies should not be used for political gain. Though he is using these tragedies to further his political agenda, many Americans still agree with his actions on gun control as many say gun violence is an epidemic in America.

Overall President Biden has had a semi successful first 100 days in office with a few setbacks. Although his approval ratings have gone down in recent months for specific reasons, there is a lot less political tension in the country which was the main reason he ran for President to bring together the nation.