Seeing COVID-19 with more positivity

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Hannah Lorenzo, Copy Chief

With a crisis overtaking people’s lives, the world has changed significantly over the past few months. COVID-19 has invaded almost every nation, family, and individual, leaving a negative impact everywhere it spreads. Despite the rising fears and tensions that have resulted from the virus, there must be another way to combat  COVID-19, if not in the medical sense. 

Every person responds to dire events in various manners, whether it be a response of confidence or a retreat to depression. However, those types of feelings tend to influence others to act a similar way. The virus is already ruining lives through its threats of illness and even death to the point where it feels like a crime to take a step outside one’s front door with the risk of possibly harming someone. Instead, dreams of the old days, of eating ice cream with friends, and smelling the fresh air fill our minds now. The world needs a dose of positivity to bring a sense of peace to the frightened public, and people have the chance to create that supportive atmosphere.

Fear is a toxin that can overwhelm the lives of those who cannot bear to deal with the suffering that comes with it. It has an advantage when a crisis, such as this virus, affects a majority of the world as one wonders if they will suffer the same fate as those who rely on a ventilator to save their lives. Rather than dwell on paranoia, people should remember that they are not alone. The virus acts as an enemy of the overall population, and we need to be the heroes of this story in order to maintain stability. 

One way to bring some positivity is to create valuable connections between people. Even though social distancing has become the norm, that does not mean that people should live in complete isolation. Social media is a worldwide platform, and we can utilize it for our benefit. Already, schools are implementing online chats with their students, so at least we can see our teachers and hear their not-so-funny jokes that make us laugh anyway. And even at home, organizations like churches and clubs have their own livestreams and online activities to keep us from sleeping in until noon. Staying at home can sometimes feel as if we are on house arrest, but with constant communication, people can recreate that environment that is filled with loved ones who can be that moral support for those who need it.

Speaking of communication, the news could use some detours from its designated platform. Today’s politics and news channels are filled to the brim with a nonsensical combination of death tolls and doomsdays. Political leaders seem to go in zigzags trying to figure out how to solve this crisis and unemployment has increased to astounding rates, leaving the public feeling worse each day. Instead of having all the attention on the awfulness, there should be more efforts to include the recovery rates and success stories. 

Even if the amount of COVID-19 cases and deaths can be overwhelming to the mind, hope remains with the knowledge that the virus is not absolutely fatal. The knowledge of planes from China carrying medical supplies to hospitals in epidemic centers never encompasses the news stories in their entirety on TV, putting the negative portions front and center, but changing this would be beneficial for all. Even to the ordinary viewer in the US, the good news of the virus dying down in other countries, like China and South Korea, is enough to give peace to our minds. Although this may be seen as an insignificant change, anything helps in the attempt to save people’s mental state.

More than anything else, we have to realize that our reality is not a fantasy world; a problem like this virus does not disappear in a day. It may not be what people desire to hear, but it can aid us in viewing the world with a better perspective. In the past, we have suffered from fighting against disease, like Ebola and the bird flu. It is true that COVID-19 is our biggest threat yet, but our past reminds us that we are not helpless people. We live in a nation that has surpassed difficulties with every advancement and improvement along the way. It was how wars were won and miracles were discovered in the medical field. Without struggles, success would not have come to fruition, and despite the horrific situation we find ourselves in, we need to rely on faith, something that has sustained the US through every obstacle up to this point. 

These tips are not only tips; they are essential in bringing the world out of its gloomy days. Each generation comes with its own set of problems, but we learn to overcome them with more than just a trial and error. Yes, the fight against COVID-19 is no picnic, but that cannot stop us from winning the small battles of emotion and mentality. So keep dreaming about eating ice cream with friends and smelling the fresh air, but maintain a more optimistic attitude in the coming days. This may not be the cure-all, but a little light in the midst of the darkening fear is enough for now.