The Problem with Gaming

Chris Bonifaz, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Electronic Arts
Picture this, you’re watching a trailer for a new movie coming out and it looks amazing. Every clip they show you fills you with anticipation and angst waiting for the end.

It’s two months later, you finally watch the movie, and it is the worst movie experience you’ve ever had. Every scene from the trailer that amazed you are all at the beginning and the rest of the movie is boring and a disappointment.

This is what is currently happening in the video game industry. Big companies like Electronic Arts are putting out whatever they can and know it will make money even if it is not good.

Even though big companies are taking advantage of trailers and “gameplay” to get unsuspecting consumers, there is a light in this dark tunnel: indie games.

Indie games have been taking over the industry because of the community boredom of these big Triple A titles disappointing us time and time again.

With indie games, they tell you exactly what the game is and what to expect instead of saying what could be in the game or, “We are working on it”.

Clear examples of this would be from last year’s Cuphead and Battlefront 2.

Cuphead was a beautifully animated flashback fantasy game. They used updated styles that look like old Mickey Mouse cartoons and the gameplay is captivating but challenging and infuriating, showing that they put time and effort into a masterpiece that they were proud of releasing.

On the other hand, Battlefront 2 was a disaster. EA had been hyping up the sequel to their previous mistake promising they had fixed all the problems from the previous installment and are striving to give the players the experience they desire.

When the game came out, nothing had changed, except for graphical enhancements and airship battles, but that was not enough to cover up the gaping holes in the game. The new campaign was simple and boring, but at least it had one unlike the previous game.

Overall gaming is not this black and white. For example the complete reverse of this happened with a indie company called hello games. They released the game No Man’s Sky which was the most anticipated game of the year, but quickly turned into the worst game of the year.

Overall, leaving your trust with an independent studio is safer than trusting triple A publishers who don’t tell the whole truth.