Eagle Hour offers much-needed time and help for students

Logan Frandsen, Staff Writer

     Implemented for the first time in early September of this year, Eagle Hour at OHS has experienced its first month of use by students and staff, giving the school an hour-long lunch every Tuesday and Thursday. Based on the benefits it has given to students, regardless if they are struggling or just wanting some relaxation time, Eagle Hour has proven to be a success so far.

     A major highlight of the new Eagle Hour is the extra half hour it adds onto the normal lunch time, creating an hour long lunch period. This is great for students that are looking to have a little more time to eat, study, or just relax before finishing out the day. The more well-prepared and relaxed students are, the more likelihood they have of paying attention and feeling less stressed.

     The only downsides that have truly resulted from this extended lunch are the overcrowding of some tables, both outside and inside, as well as the enlargement of lunch lines that are trying to handle 2500 students at a time instead of 1200. However, these sacrifices are something that are willingly made by some students to have this extended hour to eat and de-stress.

     For students who are struggling with a class can also get academic help during this extra half hour, and club members can also meet during Eagle Hour. This extra time provided for school and clubs like Photography Club and NHS gives students yet even more options as to what to do to better themselves academically or in a club. This is a great system compared to the normal 30 minute lunch hour.

     For a new concept and new schedule, the facilitation of Eagle Hour has done fairly well. There isn’t a very chaotic transition between students going to and coming from activities or academic intervention. The system of the first half hour going to people in the 200/400/500 buildings, and the second half hour going to the other buildings, works well and doesn’t result in a lot of overcrowded masses of people.

     One of the most important facets of Eagle Hour to staff was whether students would be helped by this extra time. So far, it has seemed to work. This extra time should help students with their grades, understanding of topics, and ability to keep up with test retakes and makeups from being absent.

     Something new that the school has brought in with the testing of Eagle Hour are independent vendors, such as Jamba Juice and Kona Ice. New activities also added were a workout session in the gym, games like cornhole and Jenga in the courtyards, and a radio station playing music during Eagle Hours. This adds to the experience of OC and is a nice addition for students seeking extra opportunities or a heightened campus culture.

     So, does Eagle Hour work? Based on the results it has yielded so far, that answer would be a resounding “yes”. It has turned into a very positive part of the campus and provides students with a better chance to succeed, which was its goal. Hopefully Eagle Hour continues throughout the year and develops more and more over time to become even better than it is now.