Everybody needs to calm down


PHOTO CREDIT: Fibonacci Blue

Early Oct. students of Minnesota gather for an Anti-Trump rally.

Samantha Ruoff, Staff Writer

Sticks and stones may break bones, but these protests won’t change anything.

Nearly a month ago, the 2016 election blew the minds of the entire nation leaving Donald Trump as the President-elect, and leaving several thousands of people from each party fairly upset.

Those who oppose Donald have held marches and protests since he has become presidential elect. While the right to assembly is protected under the first amendment, most of this is certainly getting out of hand.

Some of these protests have included burning a likeness of his face and sitting camped outside of his daughter, Ivanka Trump’s apartment, holding signs to shame her father.

People have continued that hatred for Trump in the form of Tweets by posting the hashtag “not my president.”

While these two candidates were not most of our first choices, we need to be able to respect the fact that Trump is now president-elect, and will be the head of the Oval Office very shortly.

Donald Trump deserves the chance to run in office, just as every other person has had the chance to run.

As a country, we need to stop looking at the election as a fight for power, because it’s not necessarily just that. Candidates from either party, no matter how far left, no matter how far right, are just looking to better the United States of America how they see fit.

People are always going to disagree with what the president’s views are, but posting angry tweets isn’t going to get anybody anywhere.

When the Electoral College votes on Dec. 19th, we will have to own the answer.

We will have to make the choice of respecting their decision or tearing our nation in half, because we will never find the means to get along.

We as a nation have to look at each other as brothers and sisters and not tear each other down every chance we get.

So we need to come together and show love and respect where it’s needed, and give president-elect Donald Trump the chance he deserves to be the President of these United States.