Suicide Squad fans mix up abuse with #RelationshipGoals

Black eyes. Bruises. Psychological torture. #RelationshipGoals.

Since the summer release of the highly anticipated Suicide Squad, fans all over social media have been viewing the Joker and Harley Quinn’s abusive relationship as love; some of the fans even going as far as setting it as a set of guidelines for their own relationships.File_002

Fans of the movie Suicide Squad have been raving about the movie since its release. Most topics ranging from the movies soundtrack, to the lack of Jared Leto, and the film’s plot holes.

One of the more off putting topics that the fans bring up is the relationship of the Joker and Harley Quinn.

Fans of the twisted couple have been posting fan art, dressing as the couple, and even going as far to Tweet “#RelationshipGoals”.File_001

The reason why this is so disturbing is the fact that the Joker and Harley’s relationship is built off of abuse and manipulation and people are romanticizing that.

Even with the movie avoiding physical violence between the two, there is still evidence of emotional abuse and manipulative tendencies. In the movie the Joker gains the trust of Dr. Harleen Quinzel by sharing his sob stories with her.

Once the Joker has Dr.Quinzel’s trust, he abuses his power over her by using her to break out of the prison. Then while fleeing Batman, the Joker drives into a body of water. Knowing that his “love” cannot swim, he leaves Harley to drown, where she is then captured.

Even though the movie is fiction, people should stop romanticizing the toxic relationship because abuse is very real and very prominent in our society. Just because something is being glorified on the big screen does not make it right.

There are many abuse victims who are trapped in a manipulative relationship, even being beat and belittled by their partners, practically mirroring what Harley and the Joker have. By romanticizing their relationship, people are validating abuse, treating it as a cute accessory.

Abuse is not something that should be seen as “#RelationshipGoals” because abuse is not love, and abuse is not a stable relationship.File_000