Alternative stores offer more bang for your buck


Trey Espinoza, Staff Writer

We have all heard of Wal-Mart, Fry’s, Safeway  and other big name brand stores and retailers.

While these are all great options, with the holiday season coming around, these stores will be crowded and out of stock on a lot of items because of how well-known they are.

Here are 4 places you can do your holiday and everyday shopping at.

Cost Plus World Market

Located in Happy Valley, this store has a website as well and is a great place to look for a huge range of furniture and supplies.

From rugs to jewelry, there is never a shortage of options. World Market’s motto is “unique, authentic and always affordable”. This is very apparent when looking at the quality of their furniture and unique designs on most of their items.

Need any sort of home goods? World Market is the place to look. The amount of options they have is impressive, and  there is always something for you.

Trader Joe’s

Need some turkey for an upcoming thanksgiving feast? Trader Joe’s, Located next to Arrowhead Mall is a place to go for any food or drink options you may need.

While not entirely unheard of, Trader Joe’s offers tons of amazing deals on a wide selection of fresh meats and organic fruits and vegetables. Compared to big name stores, Trader Joe’s is a perfect example of substance over style.

They have deals that will make you wonder why you weren’t always shopping there and a fresh organic food taste that will leave you wanting more.

11 Main

This company has an online site that has it all– clothing, tech, sporting goods and much more, making it the perfect place to buy great gifts for even better prices.

11 Main offers a huge selection of items but the main things are the clothes. They also offer a huge selection of sporting goods and even jewelry.

They have everything you need whether you’re dressing nice for a big event or getting ready for a big fishing trip, 11 Main never has a shortage of options. There is even an impressive amount of tech, ranging from tablet accessories to TV speakers and projectors.


This  is a website you can go to for just about anything. It is very similar to Amazon except with even better deals. Compared to Amazon, Overstock has a more consumer friendly interface making it easy to find anything you may need.

Need something almost unheard of? Overstock probably has it. With great customer support you will be able to resolve just about any issues you may have with shipping or the site. Overstock has everything.
So when you’re thinking about places to shop, remember these four places for the upcoming holiday season, or even the next time you need something because these places have a wide range of just about everything and with great prices.