Leader Spotlight: Samantha Sharlot

Victoria Kirova and Abby Mills

Samantha Sharlot, junior, is involved with many OHS organizations, like FBLA, Student Government, and psychology club, the latter of which she is the president of.

“Take the initiative and work hard to be able to accomplish your goal if you have a dream or if you have something that you wanna start up. Take that risk and try to start it up,” Sharlot said.

Being involved in multiple organizations at OHS has allowed Sharlot to truly develop her own definition of what being a leader means.

“I believe being a leader means care[ing] for people around you, putting others before yourself, putting [the] organization before yourself and truly working hard, but not for just the benefit of you[rself] but [for] the benefit of other people you are serving,” Sharlot said.

As president of the psychology club, Sharlot has had to go through many obstacles just to establish the club this school year. “I had to talk with [Ms. Liptow] about it, I had to look up paper[work] to really make [it] happen,” Sharlot said.

Participating in various organizations and being involved with the OHS campus as much as possible has allowed Sharlot to learn how to take initiative.

“The idea of actually taking initiative and starting [psychology club] up is something I take with me in terms of taking risks for things that I am passionate about,” Sharlot said.