Concerts canceled in abundance

True Van Dyke, Features Editor

2022 has been full of apologetic Instagram posts and confirmation tweets canceling several different concert tours this year. 

From the controversies of Doja Cat, to the health risks of Justin Bieber, several things have inspired cancellations of tours. From anger, confusion, and an instant flood of tears to finding out they will not be seeing the creator of their favorite songs, people have had various reactions to the news. Even with the devastation at hand, many fans are understanding of the celebrity responsible, especially when it comes to Shawn Mendes, who canceled his tour for the mental toll it was taking on him. 

As written in an Instagram statement, “…the reality is I was not at all ready for how difficult touring would be after this time away…it has become more clear that I need to take the time I’ve never taken personally, to ground myself and come back stronger,” Mendes said.

Even though fans seem to be understanding, many are still upset about missing out on seeing one of their favorite artists live, especially one who has built such a dedicated fan base, like Shawn Mendes.

“I was so sad; I got the tickets months in advance, and I have been to so many shows of his, so I was upset,” said Ashley Pereira, sophomore. 

It seems apparent that touring has a common theme of not corresponding well with the health of the singers themselves, both mentally and physically. Justin Bieber, as long as he has been touring, has never come against anything like what led to the cancellation of his summer, U.S. Justice tour. 

“I wish this wasn’t the case. But obviously, my body is telling me I need to slow down,” Bieber stated in a video posted to Instagram. 

The singer was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome earlier this year, leading to partial facial paralysis, physically hindering him from continuing his tour. Fans were originally upset with the cancellation of his tour, but as soon as his state of health was announced, social media was flooded with apologies and sympathy towards him. A tour being canceled can be devastating for the fans, but most singers will argue that it is even more heartbreaking from their perspective. 

In a recent Instagram post from Joshua Bassett, he states, “Bad news first, I’m devastated to say that I have to cancel and reschedule some of my shows this fall, due to colliding production schedules. Trust me I’m as disappointed as you are, if not more.” 

Bassett seemed genuinely upset to break the news of his newly cut-short tour, and helpless of what to do. On the other hand, unlike him, some celebrities have more influence on what they can do to set themselves up successively, such as Doja Cat.

“Unfortunately I have to have surgery on my tonsils asap. The surgery is routine but the recovery is going to take awhile due to swelling. That means I have to cancel my festival run this summer as well as The Weekend tour,” Doja Cat said in an online statement. 

Doja clarified that while she knew her tonsils were infected and had been on antibiotics previously, she continued to consume several different substances such as alcohol and vaping. This deteriorated her tonsils even more beyond return, leading to the final overall cancellation of her shows. There was much controversy around this fact, and a flood of upset fans who bought tickets to The Weekend Tour solely to see Doja Cat as the opener, and knowing the artist could have prevented it, did not help ease the public’s anger. 

“I think 50% of the reason I was going [to The Weekend concert] was because of Doja Cat,” Pereira said. 

From various health issues, to production issues, and plenty of disappointed fans, 2022 has been full of refunds and unfortunate management statements. Every current ticket buyer is on the edge of their seat that their concert will be the next to go, but they are all still holding on to hope that another musician will not fall down the road of forgotten tours. The increase of concerts canceled has also raised the amount of anxiety when it comes to other events in the future. 

”Yes actually, I’ve had, I think, three (concerts) canceled in the last year, and especially because you don’t get your refunds back right away,” Pereira said.