FCA brings faith and positivity to OHS


Photo by Manasi Tripathi

During a FCA meeting a guest speaker, Gordon Wicket, speaks to students

Manasi Tripathi, Staff Writer

Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been predominant in the United States for years. It brings faith into students’ lives and helps enlighten them to live a happier life, which in turn helps them start their day with confidence and positivity.

FCA also is a way to help people get involved with the community, which allows them to stay connected and de-stress from school. 

“I just really like the community FCA has and just being able to live out my faith on campus and being able to be in community with it and learn about it and support other people with it,” said Kira Loomis, junior. “It’s a great way to have fellowship on campus.”

The OHS chapter of FCA was started for athletes to give them motivation on their game day but now this has evolved into welcoming anyone who is willing to join the prayer circle or FCA.

“It’s just encouraging us to live out our day and just do the right thing and hopefully help others and encourage [others] to have fun,” said Nathan Gilbert, junior.

It is just a place that motivates students to concentrate more towards studies and sports by giving them small lessons or just meeting in the morning and reading something from the Bible, giving them an insight about how a small thing in their daily routine can make a whole day so much better.

“School can get rough sometimes, so the whole basis of [FCA] is just to have a good start in the morning and be able to crush the rest of the day,” Gilbert said.

FCA is handled by few of the most diligent groups of students. They come together to plan the schedule of the morning and make sure that everything runs smoothly during the meeting.

“We help people to grow in their faith and we set an example for living out your faith,” said Luke Fisher, senior.

FCA is based on sports, which is why the leaders tend to plan events that will inspire students to do sports and try something new by going out of their comfort zone, which is exactly what students need sometimes.

“For just, it’s just like all about sharing our faith and how we can share the gospel through this club and through sport,” Fisher said. “Literally anyone can come and you’ll have fun, maybe learn something new.”

FCA is an association which goes around to many other schools, elementary and high school. Guest speakers talk about their thoughts and spread their guidance to help students with their goals.

“I have been injured for about two years now but you can still use those messages and those discussions that we talk about in FCA to apply it to life,” Loomis said.

FCA’s main motive was to encourage people who specifically play a sport and guide them with the help of Jesus Christ, but students who do not participate in sports are still encouraged to join the group.

“Most of these people are athletes so we discuss how to spread Jesus in sports, but even people that don’t play sports are welcome,” Fisher said.