The potential success for Talon Time


Photo by Lindsay Steinberg

Ray Utter, Assistant Principal, introduces a Ted Talk to students in the auditorium during Talon Time.

Lindsay Steinberg, Copy Chief

Talon Time is new to OHS, replacing the once beloved Eagle Hour, in hopes to focus more on student improvement and to help keep track of where students are present. Students are now packed throughout various buildings, while others are filling classrooms to make up for their missing work. 

Spaces like the library are being used for study hall time, while the gym is being used as a place similar to how it was during Eagle Hour, with several different activities available for students to enjoy. With students being aware of what place offers what, they fill up fast on the new sign-up system, Flex Time Manager (FTM). FTM is the site where students must go to sign up for where they will be during each Talon Time. If a student fails to sign up and spots get filled elsewhere, they are automatically assigned to go to the auditorium. Due to the sheer size of the student count at OHS, spots fill up fast, which can make it difficult for students to go where they would wish during Talon Time. 

“I feel like we need to have more places to do study hall at because the library gets full so fast,” said Cigi McCune, freshman. 

As the year progresses, there are hopes that there will be guest speakers in the auditorium and for clubs to be able to host meetings during Talon Time, which hopefully can help in cutting down the packed rooms and certain spaces that fill up so fast during sign up. 

“I overpacked my class but that’s because students were like ‘I need to be here’ and that’s ok, we’ll do it,” said Harley McCain, English teacher. “But there’s a limit, how much is too many?” 

Along with the capacity limit that is reached quickly, for certain places around campus, it seems some are even having trouble with the site working. 

“I was trying to sign in on the day of, in first hour, and the website crashed so I couldn’t [sign up],” said Meghan Delaney, senior. 

Despite the challenges that Talon Time currently offers, there is opportunity for it to be something very beneficial for students. 

“It gives good opportunities for students to catch up on work when they need it,” Delaney said. 

While many have mixed feelings about Talon Time, especially after experiencing something like Eagle Hour, some view it as something that can be really positive in the long run. 

“It is an amazing tool and has the potential to be an incredible, organized function of giving teachers the chance to work one-on-one with the students that really need it,” McCain said. 

Talon Time is still something new to OHS and as the year continues the true value of it for students and teachers will continue to reveal itself, along with whether or not it is something sustainable at OHS. 

“I think that Talon Time is going to be a really golden opportunity for us; we just need to work out all the problems,” McCain said.