Devastating disaster: Hurricane Ida

Manasi Tripathi, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Aug. 29, Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana, which also happened to be on the 16th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Louisiana has been suffering from COVID-19 and tolerating Hurricane Ida. Communities are trying their best to help everyone, and recover as fast as possible.

Hurricane Ida is forming to be a ferocious disaster, and it has been a very devastating situation in the Gulf of Mexico. A Category 2 hurricane, Ida has affected the weather in Louisiana by causing floods and heavy 172 mph winds blowing towards the state. Places where the storm has hit are expected to have power outages for at least three weeks. This has been one of the worst hurricanes that has hit the gulf coast, and has caused huge damage to the cities by the gulf coast.

Moving towards the northeast, Ida has also caused some heavy flooding in New York. The situation is getting severe which is leading to an increased death rate. States in the northeast, like New York, are preparing by storing extra electricity after the brutal weather, so that later on they don’t have to go through what Louisiana is going against. 

With the disastrous storm, COVID-19 cases are increasing and many hospitals are full with patients. The state has also been getting closely vastly vaccinated, but the cases are haunting the people in the cities and this is not helping the situation in Louisiana, but making it worse. Manhattan, in New York City, recorded 3.1 inches of rain within an hour, and a total of 45 deaths have been reported during this unfortunate event

It has been said that all the evacuees should not come back to the Louisiana city until the situation gets better. It is getting really hot in New Orleans, but there is no expectation of electricity any time soon. The heat and humidity have made the temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is dreadful for everyone to be without electricity and air conditioning.

While all this is going on, there has also been an increase in robberies, which is getting out of control. Since there is little electricity, food, or any kind of supplies, people are starting to steal. Residents of Louisiana have been getting desperate to get out of the city after hurricane Ida but no luck. However, police have been arresting anyone who is doing any illegal act, such as stealing.