Is Prop 207 right for Arizona?

Conner Stegen, Staff Writer

 On this year’s ballot was the Prop 207 law that will legalize marijuana and allows adults 21 years or older to possess one ounce and grow up to six plants at home. The measure would also allow people previously convicted of marijuana crimes, such as the felony charge for possession, to have their records expunged by the courts. It would also establish social equity licenses for communities historically disenfranchised by marijuana laws. The Department of Health services would be responsible for determining who is eligible to apply for those social equity licenses. 

In 2016 Arizona  voted on Prop 205, which failed with 51% of voters opposed to the law. Back in 2010 Arizona legalized medical marijuana.With  59.8% of voters voting to legalize majujana how did the 10.8% voter increase happen in just 4 years. It could be attested to the amount of registered voters moving in from California who legalized medical marijuana in 1996 and recreational use in 2016. 

When California legalized recreational use of cannabis, they said it would be a projected $1 billion profit from cannabis, but only $345 million was made. They are blaming the black market for this enormous drop in money. The black market is a term used to describe the illegal trade of drugs or other illegal things. But how will Arizona keep a huge money drop not to occur , the cannabis will be taxed by 16%. But what is keeping people from not buying it cheaper from the black market, people have been doing this for a long time and what’s stopping them now. As Well as what this loss of cannabis money on streets due to lower level communities which rely on cannabis money.

Supporters have said that it will create safer communities by freeing up law enforcement to focus on “violent crime and hard drugs”. Will the police  not be focusing on the illegal trade of marijuana. Will that lead to more gang violence, and what will be the effects of losing income from the cannabis trade. 

The 120 medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the state today, which provided nearly all of the funding for Prop 207, would be allowed to sell the drug to anyone over the age of  21. Now you will not have to need a medical marijuana card to obtain it so it makes it much more attanbile to everyday people. The Mint Dispensaries are anticipating a boom in the new business and are planning to build a $25 million,100,000 square-foot growing operation in North Phoenix.

Like most things in this world the sales will be taxed, the tax will be a 16% excise tax on all marijunana sales to fund educational public programs. 16% of the money earned from majijuana sales are going directly back into the community, that inturn should allow better education and quality of life for lower class citizens. Prop 207 also should help some people get more jobs, which helps Arizona. 

Prop 207 may be right for Arizona depending on where you live. Where you live could affect your opinion on the act. Only time will tell If Prop 207 is right for arizona.