The Eagle Grind energizes teachers

Isabella Foster, Photo Editor

The Eagle Grind has come to OHS to supply teachers and faculty members with a hot cup of coffee every Friday morning. Jessica Walsh and her TSW program students received coffee and supplies donated from Elevate Coffee to execute their idea. This program is in it for the long run, lasting until the end of this school year as well as continuing to the 2019-2020 school year.

The Eagle Grind delivers coffee every Friday for faculty members and teachers. Teachers can sign up on a google form to place their order the Friday before they want it delivered. This new opportunity is hoping to get teachers excited for the early school mornings as well spread more awareness to Elevate Coffee.

This new idea, sparked from the minds of TSW students as well as their teachers, started with small ways to bring coffee to teachers. Originally, a grant was given by the Deer Valley Education Foundation for students to make the coffee with Keurig’s. A faculty member reached out to Elevate Coffee and gave them the opportunity to come together on the idea.

“We wrote a grant to get some start up funds to do this, we were originally going to get Keurig machines and K-cups so the students could make the coffee themselves then deliver it,” said Jessica Walsh, TSW teacher. “And through a connection, we set up a meeting with Elevate to talk about our plans and they wanted to sponsor us.”

The TSW students are working very hands on with the project. TSW helps students with career exploration and helping with business skills, working to prepare them for the future. This is seen as an opportunity for the students to learn business skills for their future after high school.

“It will be a fun way to connect well with teachers and make them happy, getting them their coffee,” said Isabella Cox, sophomore.

Although, The Eagle Grind has only just started, the faculty members and teachers are excited for the idea. They have already been getting orders from a large amount of teachers before the program even officially started delivering coffee.

“We’ve got a lot teachers filling out information for it, the teachers seem to be really excited for the opportunity to get their coffee,”Cox said.

As The Eagle Grind starts, teachers are itching for more selections and excited for what’s to come. With The Eagle Grind currently having only two different order selections, the teachers in charge are looking to get more options to the table such as iced coffee and other flavors.

“Elevate is going to give us two different types of coffee to distribute every Friday and as this continues we will be working to get more options.” Walsh said.

TSW classes will work on ways to market this new program and bring more publicity to the idea, working on marketing materials and logistics for the plan to operate smoothly. They will also be giving funds to and working with the student government to help improve the school, and give support to the entire student body.

“I feel like this is going to go very well. We have all the things that we need to make it happen. We’re all excited for this and the teachers seem to be very excited,” said Tucker Matas, sophomore.

Teachers and students are very excited for this new program and hope that everyone else gets excited fro it too.

“We’re really excited to partner with a community business, Norterra, they are very gracious and willing to donate the coffee and other supplies to us which is incredible,” said Jessica Walsh, TSW teacher.