Freshmen mentors starts the year off with first meeting


Chase Wyatt

Freshmen mentors explain their game called “Dead Man’s Hand” to the freshmen and get ready to begin.

Chase Wyatt, staff writer

The first freshman mentors meeting was Thursday, September 5th, leaving freshmen less worried about school and where they need to go. After playing a few fun games and getting to know their freshmen mentors, they have a better idea of how high school works and who they can go to for support or help.

Dominique Luna, a freshman, is happy with how the freshmen mentors work and feels that they are quite beneficial to freshmen coming into this year. As a new freshman, she feels more ready for high school now after the meeting.

“We had fun and we worked on team group things. I got to interact with new people and got to work on team bonding skills and got to know more people,” Luna said.

Freshmen mentors are a way for new freshmen to feel more comfortable being in a new environment, i.e. high school, and help them settle in and get used to who they are going to be interacting with once a month. Freshmen mentors can also be a great source of support and guidance for freshmen.

Dezire Frausto, junior, is excited to see how this year will play out and loves to help others and meet new people. As a former freshman herself, she knows how hard it is to transfer into a new environment.

“I decided to become a freshman mentor because I really love to interact with new people, and I wanted to help out the freshman because when I was a freshman, I was barely helped out and I had no clue where I was going,” Frausto said.

This year, at the first meeting, they played a new game called dead man’s hand, and freshmen had a blast playing this new game.

“Basically, one person has the dead man’s hand, and what that meant is that if they shook your hand, you were out,”  said Luna.

Max Voeller, a freshman, says that the freshmen mentors are more beneficial than anything else.

“Yeah, I’m excited to see how the meeting will work and how things will work,” Voeller said.

The main goal of freshmen mentors is to prepare the incoming freshmen for high school and get them used to their freshmen mentors this year.

“Our main goal is to make the freshmen more comfortable with our school, so they can get more used to everyone and get them involved in more things so that they aren’t left alone. We like getting into small groups with your mentors and getting to know each other and knowing more about the mentors,” said Frausto.