Behind the Scenes of Club Rush


Kendall Deal

Academic Decathlon members promote their club to prospective students

Kendall Deal, Business Manager

Club rush is a staple of the new school year, allowing new students and returning to get involved in the many clubs and programs offered at OHS.

Club rush was held on Thursday, Aug 26, during both lunches.Many clubs spent time creating posters and displays for their tables, planning their first meeting and preparing to accept new members.

“For Academic Decathlon, we had a meeting the day before to  just plan out the different things we would have at our booth and to decide who would be running it. A couple of the students in the club made the poster,” said John Wolpert, senior and member of Academic Decathlon, French club, Society of Male Scholars, National Honor Society and Model United Nations.

Club rush can be a challenging experience for clubs who are unsure of how to run a booth.

“Honestly we don’t know how club rush works, so we haven’t really prepared anything, I’m not even sure what to prepare to be honest,” said Jessy Frey, sophomore and president of STEM club.

Clubs were given little instruction, besides a schedule of the day and when to be set up by. Clubs who haven’t done club rush had to use their own imaginations in preparing for the event.Other clubs were seasoned professionals and were prepared for the pinnacle event weeks in advance.

“Our club advisor is Mrs. Devito, so a couple of weeks ago we went to her and had an executive board meeting about what we were going to do. Emily is an artsy person, so she did the posters and the flyers. I worked on the sign up sheets and the candy,” said Mariam Joseph, senior and board member of Mock Trial.

Club rush is crucial for clubs to enlist new members, for clubs like Academic Decathlon, it is a defining moment in the future of the club.

“We had sixty one people sign up to join, which is amazing. We started with eight members and hopefully we will have more than that by the end of this year, which would allow it to become a class again, giving students an honors elective credit,” said Reval Sarkendo, senior.

Club rush was an influential event for many students, allowing them the opportunity to see the many clubs available.

“We were walking through club rush our freshman year, and we were really interested in it, so we joined and ended up staying throughout the three years and now we are in charge of it,” Joseph said.

Club rush also allows students the chance to see the diverse interests on campus, and meet people with similar interests.

“Sometimes people are to shy to join on their own, but if they see it out in the open with other people joining they’ll feel comfortable enough to join to,” Sarkendo said.

No matter what grade, club rush is an opportunity for all students to experience new things and get involved in on campus activities. It’s never too late to try something new.

“It helps people branch out more, I know that during my freshman year I just loved looking at all the different clubs I could be in, but after about the first week you know what you want to be in,” said Taylor Maus, senior.