Spirit Week starts off cozy with PJ day


Lexi Gass, News Editor

Get comfy OC! The first day of STUGO’s Olympic themed spirit week was Getting Ready, less formally known as pj day.

Students all over OC got out of bed and went to school in their sleeping clothes and got in the spirit in the coziest way possible.

Pajama day seems to be a recurring theme in spirit weeks, being present in most of the spirit weeks at schools everywhere. Pajama day is generally considered to be a quick and easy way to get into spirit for the week.

“Pajama day is a classic spirit week addition,” said Emily Monaghan, sophomore. “I love getting to go to school in pajama pants and no one will judge me for it.”

The rest of the spirit week is based around Olympic activities, and starting with a pajama day was a good way to introduce the week.

Tuesday’s spirit day is called Qualifiers, wear exercise clothes and get ready to train.

Wednesday is Arrival, wear your cold attire to keep warm in the ski lodge.

Thursday is Represent, wear red white and blue and support your country.

Friday is Olympic Opening Ceremony, wear your class colors and prepare for the beginning of the Olympics. Freshmen wear yellow, sophomores blue, juniors red, seniors black and the staff can participate by wearing green.

Pajama day, while being used a lot in spirit weeks, is a favorite among students.

“Pajama day is my favorite spirit week day,” Monaghan said. “It’s by far the easiest to do and being comfy at school is always a plus.”