Campus gets in shape with Tuesday’s exercise day


Jake Denstone (freshman) and Brooke Schroeder (sophomore) sport their spirit while participating in Tuesday's exercise day.

Cassidy Moore, Design Chief

Tuesday’s spirit day, qualifiers, continues the Olympic spirit week as students across campus wear their favorite athletic gear.

From sneakers to baseball hats, students dress in what Olympic training gear is perceived to be.

“I dressed up for the first one and today, Tuesday,” said Sydney Rost, sophomore.

Monday’s sleep attire day was widely popular across campus as many students jumped at the opportunity to wear their favorite comfy clothes to school. Tuesday’s however was less popular, as the colder weather makes it hard for students to wear normal exercise gear.

“I don’t plan on dressing up for any of the other ones. I might wear a ribbon around my ankle for Friday,” Rost said.

Wednesday’s ski lodge themed day will most likely bring less participation than Tuesday’s. Heavy winter clothing is hard to wear in Phoenix’s cool weather.

“I think the school should decide and vote on a spirit week,” said Lillian Ervin, freshman.

Some of the spirit days this week left students feeling confused with how it related to the theme.

“I am confused about the pajama day for Olympics,” Rost said.“If it’s because I wear pajamas while watching the Olympics I understand.”

Tuesday’s spirit day was a great way to hype up the student body for the assembly that Friday where students will rock their class color.