Dress Code Receives the Cold Shoulder


Kasey Cross

(Photo illustration) Audrey Serrano, junior, out of dress code.

Kasey Cross, Staff Writer

The new and more enforced dress code that started two weeks ago, more specifically the code against the showing of bare shoulders, and bra/bralette straps being shown, has caused a stir among students, even resulting in a petition against it.

Brooke Black, senior, is passionate about the subject as she has been dress coded herself before.

“The lady came up to me and said, ‘you’re showing too much of all that’,” Black said, gesturing to her torso.

Black goes on to mention how she believes it to be unreasonable that the students that are out of the new dress code, are the ones to be scolded.

“It’s putting more responsibility on the girls to cover up when it should be telling the guys, ‘Hey how about you control yourself and be responsible around other students and kids your age?'” said Black.
Bryce Craig, senior, shares the same views as Black on the subject.

“I’ve been more distracted by the guys wearing the naked girls on their shirts than I have by girls wearing what’s actually out of dress code,”  Craig said.

Craig considers the other side of the same argument, what the boys are wearing are causing problems that are being ignored.

On the opposing end, Justin McLain, Assistant principal had no more comments than; “We’re just trying to keep O’Connor classy,” McLain said.

The creator of the petition fighting the dress code, Crystal Demarchi, senior, has never been dress coded herself.

“It is obviously a problem, you’ll hear everyone complaining, you don’t have to get dress coded to see it.” said Demarchi.

Her original goal for her petition? Answers.

“They say you can’t wear off the shoulder tops because someone can pull them down, but why would you punish us or tell us oh you can’t do that they’ll pull it down, when you should be telling them or punishing them for pulling them down,” Demarchi said.

Demarchi’s petition now has over 600 signatures, exceeding the original 500 signature goal.