Stugo’s game of life begins this spirit week


Screenshot of STUGO Promotional Video

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Laci Holm, News Editor

Spirit week begins next week with the theme “The Game of Life”.

The week is building up to Homecoming which is Saturday September 24 from 7 to 11 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Spirit week starts off with Make The Choice Monday: College vs. Career, giving students the opportunity to dress as their favorite college or career.

Next is Family Time Tuesday: Suburban Parents vs. Working Parents. Students can either dress as stay-at-home parents or dress formal for a job in the big city.  

Wednesday is Wild Card Wednesday: Olympic Sports Team vs. Local Hero. Students can dress up as their favorite Olympian or their their favorite local hero, including lifeguards, firefighters, etc.

Thursday is ReTIREDment Thursday: Elderly vs. pajamas. Dress up for retirement or dress down in pajamas.

Last but not least is Friday’s Family Game Night: Class Colors. Freshmen are white, sophomores are yellow, juniors are blue and seniors are black.

“It’s hard to create a week that will get everyone involved and that everyone will like,” said Demi Hulsebus, a sophomore class rep. on Stugo.

The theme was chosen by Stugo over the summer.

“We had a meeting and just brainstormed new ideas. We wanted to do something that had a fun theme and gave the students options,” Hulsebus said.