AP schedule elicits mixed reactions

Abbie Gheju, Staff Writer

The recent AP schedule has been released and is nearly finalized. Some adjustments were made and new things were added this year including the option to pay for AP tests using tax credit. Students are pleased with this option.

Qualia Coleman, senior, said, “They are expensive and who just has 500 dollars to spend on some tests.” This option will hopefully lessen the burden on parents who are worried about the costs of AP tests. There is also additional options where students can receive scholarships that will cover either a percentage of the total cost or cover all the costs for the AP tests. Students can begin paying for their tests right now; the deadline for payment is March 15th. Each exam costs 92 dollars.

Last year some concerns of many students was that the AP schedule was incredibly crowded and students felt that not enough time was allotted between the practice tests and the official AP test. Coleman stated “It was hectic, there was just so much confusion and we had so many tests right after another. There was no time between the practice tests and the actual tests and it was too much.”

Jason Paulos, senior, said “I think they helped me, they were a lot of work but if you want to get a good grade I think they are helpful.”

However, Paulos said, “The only thing is that if you do not take like the actual college board AP test I think it is not very good because you have to take three tests where the last one counts. I liked that either the first or second one, the higher grade, would count, when you take the real AP test.” This led many students to solely focusing on their AP classes and neglecting their regular or honors courses, since the practice tests counted as their final grade.

Although people felt the exams were overwhelming and cramped there was a general agreement among students that the practice tests were beneficial for them in the end.

The block schedule follows with three one and half hour classes: On “A”  day, students will go to 1st, 3rd, lunch and then 6th hour. For “B” day, students will go to 2nd, 4th/5th, lunch and then 7th hour. AP testing will occur between these days.

For any additional questions about AP testing, please contact Nicole Duquette in the front office.