Smoke from mulch fire across I-17 settles over campus

Travis Robertson


Travis Robertson

Fire ravages the mulch nearby I-17. Screen capture from attached video.

Cassidy Moore, Staff Writer

Students all across OHS are being affected by the smoke coming from the Mulch fire that’s burning right off the I-17 and Jomax. The smoke-y scent seems to be more prominent in the 600-700 building to the east of the campus.

“For the people who (are sensitive to the smoke) I would say to go home and seek the treatment you need,” said Lynn Milller, principal.

Miller said he has also been working with shutting down the exhaust fans at the school.

“As the exhaust fans bring (the smoke) in. But if we do that, then the air is stale,” he said.

The students and teachers with asthma are having the hardest time dealing with the smoke. Kyla Morissey, psychology teacher, said she had the air conditioning turned off in her room in the 700 building and the smoke seemed to clear.

The smoke is predicted to clear in the next two days as groups of fireman work to put out the fire.